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Datacolor Spyder4PRO to Spyder4ELITE Software Upgrade Disc

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Already have a Spyder4PRO? Experience the ultimate in color calibration by upgrading to the Spyder4ELITE 4.5 today!

You already have enjoyed the many features and improvements of the your Spyder4Pro product. But you may have found that you really need more options for managing the color in your workflow. Perhaps you have multiple monitors on one computer or you want the ability to calibrate a projector? Or you may also benefit from enhanced calibration features for determining the uniformity of color and luminance in your display? For whatever your needs, we offer an easy upgrade to our Spyder4Elite software to help you manage these needs and more.

* You must own Spyder4Pro to purchase this upgrade to Spyder4Elite software.

The Elite version of our Spyder4 family offers extensive tools to give you greater control of your calibration needs on any displays. Here are the additional features not offered in the Pro version:
  • StudioMatch enables visual fine-tuning of multiple studio displays to match the way you see color.
  • SpyderTune lets you fine-tune multiple displays for matching brightness, gamma and white point in a side-by-side viewer. The slider controls provide precision control and you see the adjustments in real time to make it easy to get the closest match possible with your multiple displays.
  • Luminance Uniformity Graphing measures the entire screen of your display to determine the consistency and provides a printed graph to show you the results in each section of the screen.
  • Color Uniformity Graphing provides an analysis of your display quality by plotting color gamut and change over time, tone response and allowing comparison with other displays.
  • Unlimited choices for gamma, white point, white luminance and black luminance.
  • Iterative grey balance algorithm for the most accurate greys.
  • Front projector calibration for color accurate presentations.
The Spyder4Elite is designed for professional photographers, photography studios and creative professionals that demand the utmost control in their precision workflow.
  • Spyder4PRO device
  • Windows XP 32/64, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64 or MacOS X Panther (10.4), Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6) and Lion (10.7)
  • Color monitor with at least 1024768 resolution (1024 x 600 netbook option) or front-projector TV
  • 24-bit video card
  • Powered USB port

Spyder4 ELITE Spyder4 PRO Spyder4 EXPRESS
Gamma Choices Unlimited 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 2.2
Color Temperature Choices Unlimited 5000K, 5800K, 6500K, native 6500K
Custom Targets NTSC, PAL/SECAM, Cineon, L-Star
64 patches
ICC Profile Support ICC 2, ICC 4 ICC 2, ICC 4
Multiple Display Calibration Yes Yes No
TV Calibration Yes
(payed update)
(payed update)
Front Projector Calibration Yes No No
Ambient Light Measurement Yes Yes No
Re-calibration Wizard Yes Yes No
Expert Console Yes No No
Custom B/W Luminance Control Yes

Display History Utility Yes

SpyderProof Interface Yes Yes Yes
StudioMatch Yes No No
Gamma Curve Editing Yes No No
Real-time Profile & Calibration Check Yes Yes Yes
L-Star Workflow Option Yes No No
Curves Import Function Yes No No
Precise Light Function Yes No No
Precision Gray Axis Algorithm Yes Yes No
Web Registration & Update Checks Yes Yes No
Datacolor Spyder4Elite 4.5.x License Key
Spyder4Elite 4.5.x Software via download

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