Elinchrom Colour Gels Set 21cm – Set of 10 (26255)
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Elinchrom Colour Gels Set 21cm – Set of 10 (26255)

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Expand your imaging capabilities with more control over your lighting with this 21 cm Color Correction Filter Set from Elinchrom. Compatible with heads equipped with the 8.3" reflector and 8.3" accessory holder, this set includes six CTO filters of varying power for converting daylight-balanced lights to tungsten, six CTB filters or varying power for converting tungsten-balanced fixtures to daylight, four neutral density (ND) filters of varying power for reducing light output, and four diffusion filters of vary power for softening the light.

  • For 21cm Reflector with Accessory Holder
  • Six CTO Filters
  • Six CTB Filters
  • Four Neutral Density Filters
  • Four Diffusion Filters

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