Elinchrom Varistar Umbrella 105cm (26384)
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Elinchrom Varistar Umbrella 105cm (26384)

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The 41" (105cm) Varistar Umbrella from Elinchrom is a versatile light shaper that performs like a softbox but sets up and breaks down with the speed of an umbrella. The Varistar is based on the translucent shoot-through umbrella, but the problem with shoot-throughs has always been unwanted spill light. Elinchrom solves that problem by adding black backing to contain the spill and direct the light forward. The result is a soft, directional source that creates natural catchlights in the eyes of your subject.

  • White Shoot-Through Umbrella Design
  • Rapid Setup and Breakdown
  • Black Backing Controls Spill Light
  • Protective Bag

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