Elinchrom Softlite Reflector & Grid Set 44cm – Silver (26901)
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Elinchrom Softlite Reflector & Grid Set 44cm – Silver (26901)

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This Elinchrom 44cm Softlite Reflector & Grid Set features the 44cm silver Softlite reflector, the 44cm Softlite grid, and a ProTec bag for storage and transport. The reflector is ideal for portrait and commercial photography where broad, soft, even lighting is required, but with more crispness than a softbox. And the included deflectors give you options for warming or neutral color balances in addition to eliminating specular light from the flashtube. The grid narrows the beam angle of the reflectors precisely, affecting the direction and spread of light. Both of these items fit into the included ProTec bag for protection from bumps and dents while storing or transporting this set.

  • 44cm Silver Softlite Reflector
  • 44cm Softlite Grid
  • ProTec Bag

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