TILTA ES-T16-A Cage Rig Set (For Sony A7S)
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TILTA ES-T16-A Cage Rig Set (For Sony A7S)

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  • Armor cage custom-designed for the Sony a7, a7R & a7S cameras
  • Matte box with two 4 x 4" filter trays
  • Follow focus with hard stops
  • 4-way top handle with cold shoe mount
  • 15 mm baseplate with a 10 in. dovetail plate
  • Two 15 mm rods - 11.8 in. (300mm)

Cage Assembly w/ Rods:


  Weight: 2.19 lb
  Weight (Metric): .996 kg

  Configured w/ Includes:

Top Handle, Quick Release Baseplate w/ Lens Adapter Support, HDMI Plug Protector, HDMI Cable, 15mm Rods
  Rod Compatibility 15mm
  Rod Spacing 60mm
  Rod Material Aluminum
  Rig Material Aluminum
  1/4"-20 Threaded Holes 116
  3/8"-16 Threaded Holes N/A
  Camera Compatibility Sony a7, a7R & a7S



  Dimensions: 6 x 4.4 x 3.2"
  Dimensions (Metric): 152.4 x 111.7 x 81.2mm
  Weight: .68 lb
  Weight (Metric): .308 kg
  Configured with / Includes Wooden Side Grip, 15mm Rod Adapter, Cold Shoe Mount
  Rod Compatibility: 15mm
  Rig Material: Aluminum
  1/4"-20 Threaded Holes 113
  Camera Compatibility Sony a7, a7R & a7S

  Dovetail Plate


  Dimensions: 10 x 2.2 x .47 in.
  Dimensions (Metric): 254 x 58 x 12 mm
  Weight: .41 lb
  Weight (Metric): .188 kg
  Baseplate Type: Dovetail Plate
  Tripod Mounting: 2 x 1/4"-20
  3 x 3/8"-16
  Material: Aluminum



  Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.25 x 2.5"
  Dimensions (Metric): 104.1 x 82.5 x 63.5mm
  Weight: .63 lb
  Weight (Metric): .284 kg
  Baseplate Type 15mm Bridgeplate
  Bridgeplate Compatibility TT-C16
  Rod Compatibility 15mm
  Rod Spacing 60mm
  Tripod Mounting 3 x 1/4"-20
  Material Aluminum



  Rod Type: Tapered (Single-Sided)
  Rod Diameter: 15mm
  Rod Length: 11.8"
  Rod Length (Metric): 300mm
  Weight: .19 lbs
  Weight (Metric): .084 kg
  Thread Type: Female
  Quantity: 2
  Material: Aluminum


  Matte Box


  Dimensions 9 x 8.25 x 2.75"
  Dimensions (Metric) 228.6 x 209.5 x 69.8 mm
  Weight 1.81 lbs
  Weight (Metric) .822 kg
  Mount Type 15 mm Rod Mount
  Filter Size 4 x 4"
  # of Stages 2
  Rear Opening Diameter Ø 114mm
  Stage Rotation Single Stage, 360°
  Rod Compatibility 15 mm
  Rod Spacing 60 mm
  Rod Distance from Optical Center 85 - 105 mm
  Material Aluminum

  Top Flag


  Dimensions 15.1 x 4 .06"
  Dimensions (Metric) 383.5 x 101.6 x 1.5 mm
  Weight .33 lbs
  Weight (Metric) .148 kg
  Material Aluminum

  Follow Focus


  Dimensions 8.75 x 3.5 x 4.6"
  Dimensions (Metric) 222.2 x 88.9 x 116.8 mm
  Weight 1.3 lbs
  Weight (Metric) .59 kg
  Focus Type Geared
  Rail Compatibility 15mm
  Rod Spacing 60mm
  Gear Pitch/Mod 0.5, 0.6 & 0.8
  Accessory Socket 12 x 12mm
  Marking Disc Removable, Magnetic
  Hard Stops 2
  Material Aluminum

  Lens Gear Ring


  Dimensions (L x W) 14.25 x .45"
  Dimensions (L x W) (Metric) 361 x 11.4 mm
  Weight .05 lb
  Weight (Metric) .22 kg
  Gear Pitch/Mod 0.8
  Gear Ring Type Gear Ring
  Lens Diameter Range 40 - 100mm

0.5 Pitch Gear
0.6 Pitch Gear
0.8 Pitch Gear
10” Lightweight Dovetail Plate
12 In Focus Whip
2 X 11.8" 15mm Rods
2 X 3/16 Socket Cap Screws
2 X 3mm Socket Cap Screws
2 X Filter Trays
2 X Lens Adapter Support Screws
3/16 Hex Key
3mm Hex Key
5 X Zip Gear Rings
A7S Cage
HDMI Plug Protector
Hard Stop Follow Focus
Matte Box
Micro (Male) To Standard (Female) HDMI Cable
Nuns Knickers
Quick Release Baseplate W/ Lens Adapter Support
Speed Crank Lever
Top Flag
Top Handle
Ø 110 Mm Fabric Donut Ring
Ø 80mm Lens Adapter Ring
Ø 95mm Lens Adapter Ring

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