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JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap

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Just like JOBY revolutionized camera tripods, we set out to transform camera straps. To replace the limp piece of cloth and foam hanging off your camera, we've created an innovative strap that does a whole lot more than just hang there. The 3-Way Camera Strap is three camera straps in one compact design, transforming quickly from wrist to neck to shoulder with a push of a button.

By testing every strap on the market and talking with photographers, we discovered that most camera straps for DSLRs and CSCs were only designed to be worn in one position. But, photography is a bit more complicated than that. Our solution,a strap that embraced the need to change it up throughout a shoot, providing you with the flexibility you need to get the perfect shot.

Innovative Retractor for Instant Transformation
Reliable Wrist Strap
Keeps your camera safe from harm, but still accessible so you never miss a shot

Hands-Free Neck Strap
In one fluid movement, the strap extends to become a full-length neck strap leaving your hands free for other tasks, like changing a lens

Versatile Shoulder Strap
Perfect when you need your hands for other things, like checking your phone or eating a burrito

Seamlessly Switch Between Modes
The 3-Way Camera Strap adjusts instantly with a simple pull.
To extend the strap, unlock the lock mechanism at the strap base and pull your camera and the strap in opposite directions. Then lock the strap back in place to secure in neck or shoulder mode.
To return to wrist mode, unlock the lock mechanism and the strap will automatically retract.

Attaching your Camera is Quick and Easy
Use the thumbscrew to screw the strap into your camera. Screw it in partially, align the retractor housing with your camera body or lens, then tighten the screw completely. Make sure the rubber grip pad is tight against your camera body.
The plastic housing should not easily rotate when the screw is tightened completely. We reccommend that you periodically check the tightness of your screw to keep your camera safe.

Designing for Comfort
There is nothing worse than a strap that makes your camera feel like a lead brick or a bulky strap that takes up as much space in your bag as another lens. We feel you, and designed the 3-Way Camera Strap to be compact, lightweight and ergonomically optimized for comfort.

Ergonomically Optimized for Extended Use
Because you quickly and easily switch between carrying modes, the 3-Way Camera Strap is great for long days with your camera. Alleviate pressure on neck muscles by switching to shoulder or wrist mode. Tired hands? Simply extend the strap and lock it into neck or shoulder mode.

Designing for Security
Protecting your camera is a top priority, especially when you're shooting out in the field. There's no quicker way to ruin a day than by spilling a soda on your camera. We designed the 3-Way Camera Strap keep your camera out of harm's way, so you can relax and enjoy your shoot.

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