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JOBY Gpod Mini Magnetic (Black/Grey/Red)

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Joby GPod Mini Magnetic is an ultra-versatile mini-tripod that can be used with lightweight compact cameras. Its three multi-segmented flexible legs can be formed to grip almost any protrusion, be it a branch, doorknob, rock, or uneven surface. Each of the joints can bend and rotate 360 degree to wrap around objects. The bottom rubber segment on the legs are larger to allow it to be used as a traditional tripod. Use it with GripTight Mount (sold separately), it will grip your iPhone or Android phone, with or without a case, so you can capture awesome time-lapse photo series, shake-free video or snazzy self-portraits anywhere your adventures take you. GripTight Mount quickly and easily screws onto GPod via standard tripod screw. Fits phones: 54 - 72 mm wide

Attach to Any Magnetic Surface!
GPod has three super strong magnets in its feet. Attach them to any ferrous metal surface, like poles, pipes and railings. For an extra strong grip, make sure GPod's feet are flush with the metal surface.

Stabilize on Any Surface!
Because of its flexible leg joints, GPod is great for getting the perfect shot on just about any surface. Make sure to have one leg positioned to the left of the camera, one leg to the right and one leg in front of the lens for the most stable set up. You don't want your GPod toppling over right in the middle of a timelapse photo series! A squat stance is the best stance for GPod!

Packs Away
It weighs just 43g and small enough to put in your pants pocket.
Fit: ultra compact camera, action camera
Max load: 325g
Weight: 43g
Dimension (HxWxD): 9.7 x 3.3 x 3.3cm
Connection point: 1/4"-20 standard tripod mount

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