Clearance -  Leica Geovid 10x42 HD Binocular w/ Laser Rangefinder (Meters) (40038)
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Clearance - Leica Geovid 10x42 HD Binocular w/ Laser Rangefinder (Meters) (40038)

Warranty: 1 Year By Leica Camera AG
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Combining the advantages of an extremely accurate laser rangefinder with the optical refinements of a premium binocular from Leica - the Geovid 10x42 HD offers supreme optical quality, multi-purpose functionality, and rugged durability.

The Geovid is engineered to withstand environmental stresses while delivering optimum performance. The housing is crafted of cast aluminum for its rigidity and light weight. The entire system is purged with dry nitrogen for water and fogproof performance, while the exterior sports a tactile and protective rubberized coating.

When glassing the horizon, Leica's legendary optical genius becomes apparent. Precision roof prisms with P40 phase-correction coatings and stray-light traps deliver maximum light throughput. Fluoride lens elements deliver sharp crisp imagery that is enhanced beyond the ability to define in words. HDC and AquaDura optical coatings help preserve the integrity of the external lens surfaces. Each ocular features adjustable and removable eye cups with click-stop settings for maximum viewing comfort.

With all this high-performing optical wonder, it could be easy to forget that the Geovid is more than a binocular - it also provides the ability to accurately range distances from 10-1400 m with the push of a button while viewing. The internal laser range-finding module of this Geovid provides distance measurements in meters via an internal LED display - it's accurate to ±2 m @ 731 m, and the circuitry features an auto-brightness adjustment system to compensate for dynamic lighting conditions.

    10x Magnification
      Well suited to detailed observation over greater distances

      Roof Prisms
        Precision roof prisms with P40 phase correction coatings and stray-light traps

            Robust Construction
              Nitrogen purged cast aluminum housing with shock-absorbing rubber coating is waterproof/fogproof/submersible

                  AquaDura Lens Coatings
                    Fluoride glass with water repelling AquaDura coatings substantially improve light transmission

                        HDC Multicoating
                          High-Durable lens coatings on external lens surfaces provide added protection against scratches, abrasions, harmful environmental conditions

                              Comfortable Eyepieces
                                Optimize viewing for eyeglass wearers. Removable eye cups with click-stop settings simplify use and cleaning.
                                    Laser Rangefinder w/ Readout in Meters
                                      Response time: 0.85-1.4 seconds
                                      Eye-safe invisible laser according to EN and FDA class 1
                                      Extremely flat beam-divergence ensures accurate readings
                                      Rain/Snow mode ensures accuracy under adverse conditions
                                      Lithium battery yields approx. 2000 measurements @ 68°F/20°C
                                      Ranges distances from 10-1400 m - accurate to ±2 yd up to 731 m
                                      LED readout with auto brightness-adjust remains legible in all conditions

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