(Pre-Order) match Technical EP-2T Thumbs Up (For Fujifilm X100T) (Silver)
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(Pre-Order) match Technical EP-2T Thumbs Up (For Fujifilm X100T) (Silver)

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Thumbs Up is an accessory thumb rest that enables you to hold your Leica M or Fuji X camera with improved balance, comfort, and security. You won't believe the difference that Thumbs Up makes! Your compositions will be more consistent, your photographs sharper; and the secure grip when holding your camera provides peace of mind. Thumbs Up users report being able to take hand-held shots at 1–2 stops slower shutter speeds.

Thumbs Up is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, and is CNC machined from solid brass and hand polished. The final finish is a baked enamel that will perfectly match the color of your Leica or Fuji camera.

The Thumbs Up EP-2T has been designed just for the Fuji X-100T camera. With the addition of the new X-100T Drive Button and Scroll Wheel, Match Technical now produces a new Thumbs Up shape to allow ready access to these functions while providing a well balanced and secure grasp of your Fuji camera.

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