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Think Tank Photo Airport Security V2.0

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty by Think Tank Photo
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Designed to meet USA domestic carry-on size standards, this roller provides advanced security features for traveling with the maximum amount of equipment.
  • USA domestic airline carry on size.
  • TSA approved combination locks.
  • Front cable & lock secures laptops.
  • Back cable & lock secures entire bag to fixed object.
  • Holds up to a 600mm lens.
  • Suitable for all photographers, from pros to serious enthusiasts.
Feature #1 Rolling camera bag that meets USA Domestic carry on size requirements.  At 9 x 14 x 22, the Airport Security roller meets most airlines’ carry-on size requirements. It fits easily into overhead compartments either straight in or horizontally.
Feature #2 TSA combination lock secures main zipper.  There are many instances when photographers must leave behind some or all of their gear. It is absolutely vital that this gear be secured from theft. This is why the Airport Security's zippers have special built in combination locks.
Feature #3 The front security cable & combination lock allows you to lock a laptop case to the front of your roller. This lock is very effective when traveling with a laptop case stored in the front stretch pocket.
Feature #4 The rear security cable & combination lock allows you to lock it to immovable objects. This security cable is very effective when you have to leave your gear for a period of time in a media room, wedding hall, hotel room, or other open area.
Feature #5 The security plate may allow your lost or stolen bag to be returned! Before using your bag, register your unique serial number on our website at
Feature #6 Holds a full DSLR kit.  Our patent pending rolling bag design creates a very deep bottom section—so deep you can put in a 70-200 f2.8 straight up and down in the bag.  A 400 f/2.8, 500 f/4, or a Canon 600 f/4lens (not Nikon) can also fit with hood reversed and the leather lens cap on. Because of this unique design, more gear can be carried in the Airport Security as compared to other brands.  (Photo courtesy of Brad Mangin)
Feature #7 If you wear out the wheels, we provide a free kit so you can replace the wheels. The wheels, being located on the outside of the bag, make it very stable when rolled. The wheel housings are extra high, to protect your case when going up curbs.
Feature #8 Emergency shoulder straps.  There are circumstances, such as stairs and gravel, when a roller does not work. That precisely why we include emergency shoulder straps. Although this roller is not intended to be used regularly as a backpack, the straps are there just in case. They are removable, allowing you to store them in the main compartment.
Feature #9 Monopod And Tripod Holder.  Both monopods and tripods can be attached two different ways, either by putting two legs into the stretchable pocket or by using the Tripod Cup that comes with the roller (pictured).
Feature #10 A seam-sealed, waterproof rain cover (like an outdoor jacket) is included. An expandable section fits over a tripod when one is attached to the bag.
Feature #11 Optional Artificial Intelligence 15 & 17 laptop cases slide in front pocket. The advantage is that the roller looks smaller, even when the laptop case is inside the pocket. If for some reason you do need to weigh the bag, you can remove the laptop case, making the roller lighter and smaller. Also, when you get to your seat on the plane, you can pull out the laptop case and put it on your seat before putting the roller in the overhead bin.
Feature #12 Front Pocket Organizer The zippered front pocket can be used for storing items like pens, pencils, card wallets, notepads, and more.
Feature #13 For easy identification, a business card holder is located directly under the handle. It holds quite a few cards. There is also a zippered pocket under the handle that can hold your passport and other items.
Feature #14 The Airport Security Low Divider set can be used in place of the standard dividers. These low dividers will allow up to 17 laptops to fit inside the Airport Security.
Internal Dimensions: 13 W x 7 - 8 D x 21 H (33 x 18 - 20 x 53 cm)
External Dimensions: 14 W x 9 D x 22 H (35.5 x 23 x 56 cm)
Weight: 12 - 14 lbs (5.4 - 6.4 kg)
Limited consumer warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in the new Think Tank Photo product accompanied by this warranty statement. This warranty lasts as long as you, the original purchaser, own your Think Tank Photo product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, mishandling, misuse, alteration, or accidental damage; nor does it cover the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use (i.e. zipper wear, fabric abrasion, etc.). In time, even a Think Tank Photo bag will wear out! Also, this warranty excludes all claims to any incidental or consequential loss to personal property. To learn more please visit

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