Athabasca ARK 55 – 75 Adapter Ring for ARK Holder
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Athabasca ARK 55 – 75 Adapter Ring for ARK Holder

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ARK 75 ¨Cadapter ring
(Filter holder for Micro-single-lenses)

ARK 75 ¨Cadapter ring

Material: aircraft grade Aluminium alloy

Applicable aperture for adapter ring:
37-75mm   39-75mm   40.5-75mm
49-75mm   52-75mm   55-75mm
58-75mm   62-75mm

Athabasca ARK square filter series
75-filter holder and adapter ring, both using aircraft grade aluminium alloy, it is stronger, but lighter. With environmental oxidation treatment on the surface, matte image can be reached.
Precise CNC seamless lathe, solid structure, simple, easy and quick  installation, with different adapter rings for different sizes of lenses.

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