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View your drone's video feed and key flight statistics with the Moverio BT-300FPV Smart Glasses from Epson. These first-person-view (FPV) glasses feature transparent displays that allow you to view real-time video and augmented reality (AR) flight data while still keeping the aircraft in sight. You can also record video or take pictures of your drone in flight thanks to the built-in 1080p camera. The camera is built into the frame of the glasses, so the images will be from your point of view. The BT-300FPV comes with 16GB of internal storage and the controller features a microSD port, so you can save your images and video on device or a compatible microSD card (sold separately). The BT-300FPV is a DJI-compatible accessory and comes with custom clips to securely attach the controller to a DJI remote; the DJI GO app also comes preloaded. The BT-300FPV's battery lasts up to 6 hours on a full charge.

Maintain Clear Line of Sight
Transparent display allows drone pilots to see key flight statistics, while maintaining visual line of sight with the aircraft
Easily Record Drone in Flight
The front-facing camera captures real-time 1080p footage (at 30 fps) of your drone in flight, from the pilot's point of view
DJI-Compatible Accessory
Controller comes preloaded with DJI's popular DJI GO app
Light, Comfortable Fit
Lightweight and easy to wear, even for an extended period of time
Good Visibility
Maintain visual line of sight with your drone, even in sunny environments
Prescription-Glasses Friendly
Fits over a wide range of prescription eyewear
Custom Clips for DJI Controllers
Custom clips securely hold the BT-300FPV controller to compatible DJI remotes (Phantom 3, 4, and Inspire 1)

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