FLM CB-48FT CenterBall Ball Head W/ QPR-70

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Warranty: 1 Year By Local Distributor


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The CB-48 FTR Ball Head with QRP-70 Quick Release System from FLM is an aluminum alloy ball head that can support 99.2 lb. It has three locking knobs; one controls 360° panning and one controls the amount of friction and movement of the ball. The third knob controls FLM's patented tilt function. When the tilt function is activated, the ball moves along a straight line and acts as a tilt head. When the function is deactivated, you have full control over the movement of the ball in all directions.

The quick release system includes a dovetail clamp and plate with laser engraved scale numbers on the side so you can adjust your camera fore and aft by 40mm. The plate clicks into the base from above and is secured by the locking pin so you can adjust the base and then lock it into place by turning the locking lever. This prevents your camera from sliding out of the clamp while you're adjusting the camera's location. All parts are sourced and manufactured in Germany.

While panning, the PRS system locks your head every 15° and makes an audible click.

A quick locking mechanism at 0° allows you to quickly attach or remove the head to or from your tripod.

A notch in the head allows the camera to tilt 90° to shoot in portrait orientation.


Head Type Ball Head
Base Mount 3/8"-16 Thread
Camera Mounting Screw 1/4"-20 Male, 3/8"-16 Male
Quick Release Plate Type QRP-70
Load Capacity 99.2 lb / 45.0 kg
Friction Control Yes
Independent Pan Lock Yes
Material Aluminum


Ball Sphere Diameter 1.9" / 48 mm
Dimensions H: 3.9" / H: 99.0 mm
Weight 1.3 lb / 593.0 g