Fotopro DMM-903S Macro Twin Flash Flexible & Articulating Arms Bracket

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The FotoPro DMM-903s is an improved version of the popular FotoPro DMM-903 macro flash bracket, with stronger friction properties and more durable joints in place of the brittle ones in the earlier version. It is ideal for dual or twin flash macro setups to obtain better lighting distribution. Visually, this new model looks identical but the materials used are of much better quality.


  • Flexible in all directions
  • Lightweight
  • Packs easily into camera bag
  • Modular joints – remove or extend joints as and when required
  • Used and recommended by professional macro photographers

Product Care and Recommendations

  • Although the joints are stronger in this version, it is not indestructible. Do not over-tighten the joints!
  • As each joint can be rotated 180 degrees on a single plane, be careful not to attempt to rotate them in other directions.
  • Do not attempt to mount large flash units. It may not hold large flashes well when moving about in the field. As a reference, I can mount 2 x Meike MK-R200 flashes on each arm, which weighs about 245g in total.
  • There are 4 joints per arm. It is recommended to remove 1 joint from each arm and keep the joints as spares. 3 joints are generally long enough.
  • For a tighter mount on your camera/lens, use a spring washer with the provided screw.
  • The hotshoe mount can be removed, revealing a male 1/4″ screw thread, compatible with the flash stand of Nikon SB-R200.
  • Total Weight: 420g
  • Weight (with hotshoe and 1 joint on each side removed): 345g
  • Length of each arm (with hotshoe): 21cm
  • Width of frame: 19cm
  • Length of frame: 14cm

Fotopro  DMM-903S  Macro  Twin  Flash  Flexible  &  Articulating  Arms  Bracket