Elinchrom Deep Umbrella (Silver, 41")

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The 41" Silver Deep Umbrella from Elinchrom is a large modifier with a deeper than normal profile that allows you to vary contrast by sliding the lamp head forward and backward along the umbrella shaft to focus or defocus the light output. The depth gives you more directional control of the light.

The silver interior delivers a snappy quality of light with noticeable contrast and a neutral to slightly cool rendering. The reflective material maximizes output giving the umbrella long throw potential. An optional translucent diffuser, which is sold separately, slips over the umbrella's open side so that you can use it as a softbox.

Elinchrom EL26352 Specs

Size 41.0" / 104.1 cm
Interior Color Silver
Exterior Black
Rods 16
  • 16 Fiberglass Rods
  • Wide Spread of Light
  • Snappy Light Quality
  • Long Throw Potential
  • Optional Diffuser
  • Elinchrom Deep Umbrella (Silver, 41")
  • Umbrella Sleeve

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