3DR SOLO Gimbal (For GoPro HERO 4 / HERO 3)
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3DR SOLO Gimbal (For GoPro HERO 4 / HERO 3)

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Mount a GoPro HERO3+ or HERO4 action camera on your Solo quadcopter with the Solo Gimbal from 3D Robotics. The Solo Gimbal not only allows you to mount the GoPro, it also provides 3-axes of stabilization. The gimbal allows panning and tilting via controls on the Solo transmitter or with the mobile and also keeps the horizon of your shots level, unless otherwise desired.

HDMI Relay for HD Video Downlink
Unlike many systems, which use the GoPro's standard definition analog video output, the Solo features a built-in HD video transmission system. To provide the HD signal the downlink requires, an HDMI connection is integrated into the gimbal

Remote GoPro Operation
The Solo mobile app not only operates the Solo and gimbal, it can be used to control the GoPro itself. With the app you will be able to actuate recording start/stop as well as change select camera settings

Work with Solo "Smart Shots"
Not only does the gimbal enable manual control, it can be automatically moved by the flight control system when in one of the Smart Shot autonomous shooting modes. Simply hit "play" on the mobile app and Solo will fully control the gimbal for an automatic shot

GoPro Lens Hood
The included lens hood for the naked GoPro HERE is designed to reduce glare and sun flicker

Powers GoPro
A power feed from the Solo's flight battery keeps the GoPro's battery topped up for the duration of the flight. No risk of its battery dying, resulting in missed footage or a corrupted file

Easy Attachment
No soldering or installation of internal electronics is required with the Solo Gimbal. The only tool you will need is the included screwdriver

Controlled Angle Accuracy 0.1°
Electrical and Mechanical
Power Requirements Solo flight battery
Camera Compatibility GoPro HERO3+, HERO4
Supported Flight Control Systems Pixhawk 2
Weight Not specified by manufacturer

3DR SOLO Gimbal (For GoPro HERO 4 / HERO 3) 
GoPro Lens Hood

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