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Aputure Amaran LED Video Light – Tri-8C (V-Mount)

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The Amaran LED Series was designed with one goal: to craft the ultimate portable, high-quality LED light. The new flagship product, the Amaran Tri-8, is the brightest, most compact Amaran light ever created.

The Amaran Tri-8 packs unprecedented power in an incredibly tiny amount of space. It packs 888 high-CRI (95+) LED lights into an 11.5-inch panel. The high LED count means the Tri-8 is capable of outputting 24000 lux @ 0.5m, which is equivalent to a 600w tungsten light.

Specification Tri-8s Tri-8c
Beam Angle 25°
Color Temperature 5500K 2300-6800K
Power Supply DC 15V
Power Input 60w
Cooling Mode Natural Convection Heat Transfer
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 1/2/3
Groups A/B/C/D
Remote Range ≤150m
Sizes(L*W*H) Light 260.99*198.64*93.15mm
Model Distance Foot Candles LUX
Tri-8c 0.5m 2137 23000
1m 604 6500
Tri-8s 0.5m 2230 24000
1m 650 7000

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