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Clearance - ASUSTOR AS 302T 2 BAY NAS SERVER (AS-302T)

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The AS-302T 2-Bay NAS Server from Asustor is a 2-bay NAS server equipped with the l Intel Atom 1.6 GHz dual core processor designed specifically for multimedia use. The NAS features1080p high-definition multimedia playback capability and you can play all your media on LCD/LED TV. The AS-302T NAS comes preinstalled with the ADM 2.0 NAS operating system. Seamless cross-platform file sharing allows you to easily connect to your NAS device, no matter if you are using Windows, Mac, or UNIX operating system. The NAS also provides a rich variety of features and add-on applications via App Central. You can use the Searchlight feature to find any files, folders or functions you need. Support for a variety of mobile applications like AiMaster , AiData and AiDownload allows you to manage your NAS, stream multimedia content as well as conveniently search and download data respectively.
You can create the ultimate home multimedia center and enjoy electrifying digital entertainment on demand with the Asustor NAS. The built-in HDMI interface and a variety of multimedia Apps allow you to enjoy all your favorite multimedia from your NAS by directly connecting it to an LCD/LED TV or amplifier. The Asustor NAS supports full HD (1080p) output, allowing you to savor your movies, TV shows, music and photos in high definition. Through Asustor's App Central, you can install additional multimedia server Apps such as UPnP media server and iTunes server, giving your NAS the ability to stream multimedia content to your computers, TVs and mobile devices.

Asustor's dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to get easy cloud access to your NAS while you are out and about. The AiMaster is a dedicated NAS management software for your mobile device. Whether you are an individual user or IT administrator, AiMaster lets you conveniently manage your NAS while its comprehensive support for push notifications ensures that you stay up-to-date with the status of your system. In addition, AiData lets you safely browse and access all the files stored on your NAS from your mobile device. Additionally, it allows you to stream multimedia content and view photos from your NAS as well as provides integration with Dropbox that gives you easy data management across the cloud. AiDownload helps you use your mobile device to control download center on your Asustor NAS. Whether it's searching, downloading or managing tasks, AiDownload gets it done in short period of time. Furthermore, when your downloads are completed, your mobile device will receive immediate notification.

You can protect your important memories and secure data with the Asustor NAS. No matter the file type, RAID data protection ensures the protection of your most treasured data. When used in conjunction with the multitude of built-in data backup features offered by ADM, you can rest assured that your most important digital assets are safely guarded. ADM's built-in data backup features include Rsync Backup, FTP Backup, Cloud Backup, External Backup and One Touch Backup. All these features come with a 2-way transfer support. Asustor provides Apple Time Machine support for Mac OS. With the in-house designed backup utility, Backup Plan, you can also schedule regular backups of data on your Windows PC to your NAS device. Backup Plan also supports real-time backup. Files that are added or changed on your computer will be automatically uploaded to your NAS device.

You can use the Asustor NAS to effortlessly create a private cloud storage space for yourself. Using the exclusive Cloud Connect technology, you can access data on your NAS device from almost anywhere. Whether by computer or mobile device, all you need is an Internet connection to access your NAS device from anywhere and at any time.

You can browse through and download any applications that peak your interest from App Central at your convenience. App Central allows you to explore the unlimited potential of Asustor NAS devices while creating a personalized NAS device for yourself. Whether your interests lie in business, website construction or even digital home entertainment, App Central provides you with the boundless variety of applications that you require to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs

Seamless System Migration
With the Asustor NAS, switching to a higher capacity NAS model is easy and simple. If you want to move your storage volumes to an up-to-date system, simply take out your existing hard drives and then insert them into the updated system. Your current system will be ready and run instantly.

Dr. ASUSTOR performs general checkups of all your settings. If certain settings are found to be compromising the security of your system or data, Dr. ASUSTOR will provide you with the appropriate set of instructions to fully restore security and protection.

Developed by Asustor, Searchlight is a rapid search technology that is built into ADM and provides quick and precise searches, allowing you to easily find the files that you need. You can quickly find the items you want to share on your NAS via this technology.
Searchlight also features instant file previewing and fuzzy searches, thereby substantially increasing your efficiency and productivity.

System Notifications
The Asustor NAS features real-time system event notifications, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will be notified about any major system events, data and other digital assets. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS or push notification, providing you a variety of ways to instantly stay on top of the current developments.

True Multitasking
With true multitasking, you can instantly switch to another application and then switch back to the previous one to pick up right where you left off. ADM allows you to simultaneously run different applications all at once while giving you the power to seamlessly switch between them.

Background Operation
ADM can perform tasks like uploading or downloading multimedia in the background, effectively freeing you up to complete other tasks.

CPU Intel Atom 1.6 GHz dual Core processor
Memory 1 GB Memory DDR3
Hard Disk Drive 2 x 2.5"/ 3.5" SATA II/ III or SSD* 1
Compatibility Hard disk, EZ router, IP camera, USB printer, UPS, HDTV, memory, external storage and USB WiFi dongle
Click here for hard disk compatibility
Expansion Ports 2 x USB 3.0 
2 x USB 2.0
Network 1 x Gigabit Ethernet
Output 1 x HDMI
System Fan 1 x 2.7" (70 mm)
Audio Jack 0.2" (3.5 mm)
Infrared Receiver Yes
Certifications FCC, CE, VCCI, BSMI and C-TICK
Design System Sleep Mode (S3): Yes 
Auto-Standby for Both Internal and External Disks: Yes 
Auto Fan Control: Yes
LED Night Mode: Yes
Power Schedule: On, Off, Restart and Sleep
Operating System ADM 1.0 onwards 
Built-in App Central for Various Apps
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012
Mac OS X 10.6 onwards
UNIX, Linux and BSD
Supported Languages Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Nederlands, Russian, Japanese, korean, chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Polski
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 9 onwards
Network Protocols CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, Rsync, SSH, SFTP, iSCSI, HTTP, HTTPS
File System Internal Disk: EXT4
External Disk: FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, HFS+
Storage Management Support multiple volumes with spare disks
Volume Type: Single disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1
Support for online RAID level migration
Support for online RAID capacity expansion
iSCSI Maximum Targets: 256
Maximum LUNs: 256
Target masking
LUN mapping
ISO file mounting
Supports MPIO & MCS
Persistent (SCSI-3) reservations
Disk Management Scheduled bad block scans
Scheduled S.M.A.R.T scans
Network TCP/IP (IPv4 & IPv6)
Link Aggregation: 0
Jumbo frame (MTU)
Cloud Connect
Wireless network*
DDNS and EZ-Router 2
Backup Solutions Rsync (Remote Sync) backup
Cloud backup
FTP backup
External backup
One Touch backup
System Administration Log Type: System Log, Connection Log, File Access Log
Real-time online user monitor
Real-time system monitor
Network Recycle Bin
User Quota
Virtual drive (ISO mounting, Maximum:16)
UPS support
Access Control Maximum Number of Users: 4096
Maximum Number of Groups: 512
Maximum Number of Shared Folders: 512
Maximum Number of Concurrent Connections: 512
Supports Windows Active Directory
Security AES 256-bit folder encryption
Firewall: Prevent unauthorized access
Network Defender: Prevent network attacks
Alert Notifications: E-mail, SMS
Encrypted Connections: HTTPS, FTP over SSL/TLS, SSH, SFTP, Rsync over SSH
Featured Apps
File Explorer Web-based file management
ISO file mounting
Share links
Surveillance Center Live monitoring (4 free channels)
Multiple channel playback with audio
Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox (Windows only)
Event notification
UPnP Media Server Supports PS3 and other digital media player capable devices 
Supports on-the-fly transcoding for most RAW images and audio (OGG, FLAC) 
Supported Image Formats: BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIF, RAW Image* (3FR, ARW, CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, ERF, KDC, MEF, MOS, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RAW, RW2, SR2, X3F)
Supported Audio Formats: 3GP, AAC, AC3, AIFC, AIFF, AMR, APE, AU, AWB, FLAC1, M4A, M4R, MP2, MP3, OGG Vorbis1, PCM, WAV, WMA 
Supported Video Formats: 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, FLV, ISO, M2T, M2V, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MPv4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MTS, MOV, QT, SWF, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, RMVB, VDR, MPE 3
FTP Explorer Directory structure view with drag & drop transfers
Task monitor
Stopping of transmission task & resumption of connection
Encrypted Connections: Explicit over TLS, implicit over TLS
FTP Site Manager
Bandwidth control
Maximum simultaneous transfer control 
VPN client 
Supported VPN Protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN
Transmission package monitor
PPTP Authentication: PAP, CHAP, MS CHAP, MS CHAP2
PPTP Encryption: No MPPE, MPPE (40, 128 bit), maximum MPPE (128 bit)
OpenVPN port control
OpenVPN link compression
iTunes Server For iTunes on Mac & Windows
Supports AirPlay
Supports iOS remote pairing
Supported Audio Formats: AIF*, M4A (AAC & Apple Loseless), M4P, M4R, MP3, WAV*
Supported Video Formats: M4V, MOV, MP4
Supported Playlist Formats: M3U, WPL 4
Download Center Supports BT (Torrent & Magnet Link), HTTP and FTP downloads
Torrent search
Choose files before a BT task starts
Customizable download schedule
Bandwidth control
RSS Subscription and automatic downloading (broadcatching)
Asustor download assistant for Windows & Mac
AiDownload for iOS & Android
Boxee / XBMC (Beta) Play all media content stored on NAS
Video output via HDMI
TV shows, movies, apps and more
Asustor customized features
AiRemote mobile App 5
SoundsGood Import personal/public music collection
Personal/Public music collection permission control
Playlist editor
ID3 tag editor
Local Speaker Support: HDMI, USB, Audio Jack
Supported Audio Formats for Browser: MP3, WAV, Ogg
Supported Audio Formats for Transcoding through Browser: AAC, AIFF, Flac, Apple lossless, WMA
Supported Audio Formats for Local Speaker: MP3, WAV, Ogg, AAC, AIFF, Flac, Apple lossless, WMA
ASUS DAC support
Power Voltage Input 100 V to 240 V AC
Power Consumption Operation: 19.9 W 
Disk Hibernation: 13.4 W 
Sleep Mode: 0.8 W

2 Years Warranty by Distributor Malaysia

AS-302T Unit
Installation CD
AC Power Cord
RJ-45 LAN Cable(Cat 5e)
Flat Head Screw (for 3.5" HDD) x16
Flat Head Screw (for 2.5" HDD) x16

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