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Athabasca ARK 100x125mm Neutral Density ND400 Filter

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Athabasca ARK ND Filters are made of German Shott B270 optical glass. The use of Shott Optical glass gives square filters excellent properties of chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance. With an Ultra-thin, noble metal multi-coating, Athabasca square filters are with low reflection and able to avoid color differences while also good at reducing light steady. ND(Neutral Density) filters are used to reduce the amount of light entering the lends without effecting the image colors. ND filters are one of an important tool to reduce light, with a ND filter, photographers are able to capture an image with large aperture and shallow depth of field under strong sunlight, and it can attain long-time exposure.

Size: 100mm x 125mm x 2mm
Material: German Shott B270 Optical Glass
Coating: Multi-Resistant Coating Two-Sided Anti-reflective Coating

**Must use with Square Filter Holder

Athabasca ARK 100x125mm Neutral Density ND400 Filter
Microfiber Proctection Cloth
Filter Pouch

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