Panasonic ENELOOP AAA 750mAh (Pack of 2)
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Panasonic ENELOOP AAA 750mAh (Pack of 2)

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Low Self-Discharge for Multi-Use - For sustainable lifestyle, Eneloop is a battery that offers new lifestyle possibilities through the development concepts of "reuse" and "care for the eart" towards a clean energy society. Through the supply of Eneloop, Panasonic Envision sustainable clean energy lifestyles where products are repeatedly used with energy created by the sun. With this vision in mind, Panasonic Offer clean energy solutions by combining a variety of technologies

  • Rechargeable, Recyclable, Longer Operation
  • Ready to use after purchase
  • Low Self-Discharge
  • Approximately 1.5 Hours of usage in Flashlight

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