Billingham Classic 550 Shoulder Bag (Imperial Blue With Tan Leather Trim)
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Billingham Classic 550 Shoulder Bag (Imperial Blue With Tan Leather Trim)

Warranty: 5 years by Shriro (M) Sdn Bhd (Billingham Sole Distributor in Malaysia)
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The 550 was the first production bag we made and it set the tone and style for all the others. It is still one of the largest in our range  , and probably your first choice if you never want to worry about leaving something behind. Even without the two detachable end pockets, it is still large enough to carry several camera bodies, lenses, flashguns and even some overnight stay essentials.

With all that space at your disposal, you will be tempted to fill it up and that’s fine. The 550 uses a wide strap with SP20 Shoulder Pad to help distribute the weight.

The 550 set new standards for design detail and build quality and it has hardly changed since it was introduced. Take a minute to pick one up, look at it and feel it, you will see why we are as proud of it now as we were back then.

Unbuckle the two leather straps, and lift the large rain flap to gain access to the two full-height zipped pockets or the two press studded outer pockets. To get into the main compartment, just pull back on the heavy duty zip and all that space is yours to configure any way you want. The SuperFlex partitioning system sticks to the bag's lining using Velcro® touch fastener strip, so you can arrange the interior to suit your particular needs while still protecting and organizing your gear. Alternatively, you can remove it entirely.

Even more space is provided by the zipped external back pocket and the detachable end pockets. To protect its underside the 550 stands on four brass feet.

Many 550 owners use them as a safe store for all their equipment and use one of our smaller bags to carry just the specific gear they need to take the shot, going back to the 550 to swap lenses or bodies. Because they tend to be packed with heavy kit, we fitted the 550s straps with brass buckles to keep things simple and secure.

External Dimensions: W620mm x D280mm x H300mm
Internal Dimensions: W420mm x D150mm x H260mm
Capacity: 21.5 litres
Weight: 2.44 kgs (5.38 lbs)

  • SP20 Shoulder Pad
  • 550 End Pockets
  • SuperFlex 10-15
  • SuperFlex 10-18
  • SuperFlex flap

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