Daisee C-POL PRO DMC SLIM 49mm
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Daisee C-POL PRO DMC SLIM 49mm

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Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarised so polarising filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. CIRCULAR PL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. They also enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds. HOYA's polarising filters do not affect the overall color balance of a shot. 

With CIRCULAR PL Filter Without Filter

Reduce Glare and Reflections with the CIRCULAR PL

Using the CIRCULAR PL filter, reflections and glare can be reduced significantly from non-metallic surfaces. A camera angle of 30 degrees from the reflecting surface (glass, water, etc.) is ideal for maximum effect.

With CIRCULAR PL Filter Without Filter


High Quality Optical Glass + Japan-made Polarized Film

With high quality optical glass and polarized film made in Japan, more than 15% of the light can penetrate compared to the regular C-POL. Polarizing ability can reach 99% and it can block UV-400nm below effectively.

Superior Optical Technology

High quality optical glass is adopted for the production of all Daisee filters. Schott original optical glass is specially used for the professional Daisee Super Multi-coated filters series.

The optical glass has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays, which almost 100% light can go through within the visible spectral range. Reflection of light is less than 0.5%.

Daisee Testing Data indicates that:

Those filters without coating can reflect about 8% of the light, which hitting on the two air-contact surfaces of the glass; while the light loss of the multi-coated filters is only 0.5%. The multi-coating technology plays an excellent role in glare and light reflection. Daisee’s multi-coated filters decrease the possibility of glare and reflection from approximately 8% down to 0.5%, which means reflection is reduced 16 times.

Excellent Water & Oil Repellent Coating

DigitalMulti-Coating (DMC) of Daisee filter is not only an effective multi-layer coating, but also is durable enough to prevent the filter surface from being scratched.

The Characteristics of Water & Oil Repellent can effectively keep the filter clean and maintain the optical performance of the optical lens for a long time.

When testing this effect by an oil marker, the ink will be broken down into droplets by the coating.

UItra-Precision Thinnest Frame

Daisee adopted a new design where the filter glass is screwed into a high-precision retaining ring. This design can eliminate the possibility of loosening and maintain the balance of the filter, ultimately protecting both the filter and the lens.

Elaborate Packaging

All Daisee filters have adopted a unique packaging design, which is shock proof and drop resistant. It can effectively protect the filter, avoiding damage caused by external forces during handling and transportation.

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