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DBK LCD Dual Battery Charger for EN-EL18 Battery

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DBK is a dual channel simultaneous charger for compatible batteries. It has battery shape adaptor outputs for cameras and other corresponding equipments. After plugging the charger and mounting batteries, the charger tests battery charge level and begin charging in the chosen mode. The 'L' mode charges slowly, but the battery is charged better - it will last longer. The 'H' mode is faster so that you can get your batteries charged faster when in a hurry. The built-in MCU processor protects the batteries from overheating and overcharging. When the batteries are fully charged and ready for work the process will stop.

  • MCU unit can auto detects the voltage of the battery, smart charging and prevent overcharge
  • Dual charging slot allow charge two batteries at the same time independently
  • LCD panel indicates battery power, the percentage of precision power display and current mode
  • With the function of pre-charging and lithium battery 0 V activation which can effectively extend battery life

Color:                 Black Material:             High Grade ABS

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