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Eureka DX-206 Auto Dry Box

Warranty: 5 years by DSC World SDN BHD on Motor & Hygrometer
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EUREKA Auto Dry Box, the global product brand manufactured by Taiwan Dry Tech Corp. provides the best dehumidifying dry cabinet technology in the world. Eureka Auto Box has sold millions of dry cabinet, dry boxes, electronic desiccators with excellent reputations from countless global users in various fields such as:
  • Research & Development,
  • High Tech Manufacturing,
  • Enterprise Entities,
  • Museum and Private Collectors,
  • Retail and Service,
  • Educational Institutions and Research Laboratories,
  • Government, Military, Law Enforcement agencies, etc. 
EUREKA is the best moisture & humidity control solution on the market to ensure preservations of all precious items in your living and working environments.

Definition of an Eureka Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator: 

Eureka Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator is an air-tight automatic dehumidifying storage cabinet which protect objects from moisture & humidity related damages such as mold, mildew, fungus, rust, oxidation, etc. Auto Dry Boxes are suitable for photography equipment, moisture sensitive materials in high-tech manufacture/R&D, information records & media, precision instruments & equipment, food and medication, personal & public collections, and so on.

Eureka's Dry Cabinet Core Unit Dehumidifying Principles

Eureka Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet & Electronic Desiccator's dehumidifying process involves two stages. The first stage is the “Adsorption Stage” and the next stage is the “Exhaust & Regeneration Stage."

Adsorption Stage:

Inside the dry cabinet, the inner core unit valves doors open and seals from the outside. This allows moisture inside the dry cabinet to be naturally adsorbed into the multi-porous molecular sieves in the core unit. During this stage, the core unit performs its desiccating function without any power consumption and will continue to desiccate even when power supply is interrupted. Operational light indicators inside and outside the cabinet will remain off during this time.

Exhaustion Stage:  

The core unit valve doors automatically seals from inside the dry cabinet and vents open outwards to exhaust & expel the moisture absorbed from inside the Auto Dry Box. During this stage, operational indicators will be on.
Moisture adsorbed by the multi-porous molecular sieves is expelled by the drying unit and the core unit is automatically regenerated for moisture adsorption. There are no water tanks to empty, desiccant bags & packs to replace, or any other maintenance required by the user. Simply plug in the power cord, set the desired RH level and the Eureka Auto Dry Box will begin its dehumidifying operation cycle. The core unit performs the moisture adsorption process without any power required. Thus is safe and clean for the environment.

Additional features of Eureka Auto Dry Boxes, Dry Cabinets, Electronic Desiccators are: 

1. Fully adjustable dehumidification range from 1%-60% RH, with variable speeds for reaching your desired RH level.
2. Integrable with other technologies such as low temp refrigeration, humidifier, HEPA, nitrogen (N2) & dry air purge system, UV & anti-bacterial, temperature control & management systems, satisfying special environment needs for research and development.
3. Constant temperature, constant pressure, power saving, durable and fully automatic operation.
4. Fully sealed cabinet, prevents dust while keeping items moisture free.

Eureka's Automatic Desiccating Core Units are:

1. User Friendly: Simply plug in the device, set the desired RH level and the core unit will take care of the rest.
2. Durable Design: Core units are known for long service life span, proven by millions of users around the world.
3. Economical: Consumes minimal electricity (averaging 4w/hr) with no regular maintenance or service parts.
4. Stable: Continuous and silent operation with no affect on ambient noise.
5. Safe: No compressors, so no overheating concerns to worry about.


Functions of an Eureka Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator:

  • Dehumidifier 
  • Anti-mildew
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Anti-corrosion 
  • Anti-aging
  • Dust prevention

Eureka's Advantage 

  • Fully Automatic– Just plug-in the Auto Dry Box and dehumidification is performed automatically without water tanks to empty, pipes to route or consumables to replace.
  • Power Saving– Minimal power consumption. Continues to dehumidify and monitor RH levels even during power outage or when power supply is interrupted.
  • NTP Operation– Silent operations at ambient temperature and pressure without △T effects or pressure variation.
  • Long Service Life– Dependable operation with long service life and limited core unit failure rate. 

Eureka's Auto Dry Box, Dry Cabinet, Electronic Desiccator Characteristics:

  • Various storage capacity sizes meeting all storage application requirements.
  • Total silent operation
  • Maintenance free with no replacement parts required
  • Minimal electricity consumption
  • Easy to install

Eureka's Supreme Features

  • Unlike a heated cabinet or dehumidifier, Eureka's Auto Dry Boxes operates at normal (ambient) temperature while maintaining low humidity, so items are protected from warping & deformation due to excessive heat effect.
  • Eureka's Auto Dry Box's core units are constructed with new high-tech Shape Memory Alloy (SMAs) material.
  • There are no mechanical motors so it operates silently and it's maintenance-free. 
  • Eureka's desiccator utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves, a powerful desiccant that may be used over and over again without  service or replacement parts, thus saves electricity and resources.
  • Tempered glass are used on all of Eureka's products with glass doors, providing you with safety and strength in storage.

How does humidity cause moisture damage?

The relative humidity  \left(\phi\right)  of an air-water mixture is defined as the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor (H2O)  \left({e_w}\right)  in the mixture to the saturated vapor pressure of water  \left({{e^*}_w}\right)  at a given temperature.

Relative humidity is normally expressed as a percentage and is calculated by using the following equation:

 \phi  =  {{e_w} \over {{e^*}_w}} \times 100\%  RH (Relative Humidity) is the quantified unit used to describe the level of humidity.

Different types of moisture damages occurs at different humidity levels. The average relative humidity level can be found by looking to the local weather reports in your area. Maintenance of most objects below 50% RH at room temperature can protect items from moisture caused damages.


The Relationship Between Mold Growth, Temperature, and Relative Humidity

Mold grows and proliferates at a temperature range of 12~38°C when humidity is greater than 60%.

What is condensation?

Condensation is water vapor suspended in the air settling on cool surfaces. 

  • By washing, cooking and breathing, the average family creates up to 20 pints (11.36 Liters) of moisture every day. This moisture must go somewhere and be dealt with to avoid condensation. However, condensation could appear in many forms and the most common being steaming windows. And in extreme cases, dark spots of mold will appear. Condensation is the result of a build up of moisture caused by our normal lifestyle and it's unavoidable. 
  • Photography, cinematography, and other equipment collects moisture while in the field. Temperature changes is inevitable when those equipment are stored and transported to a cooler/warmer environment causing condensation ro frosting to occur. In the long term, damages will occur to these pricey investment.
  • In SMT manufacturing process, solder must be stored at low temperature environments of 2°-6° Celsius. Prior to use, the solder must be brought to ambient room temperatures, of which will cause condensation to occur. If this condensation is present during the reflow process, it will cause a decrease in production yields.
  • After PCB and/or MSD materials utilizes high temperature baking to remove moisture and is placed in ambient room temperature, condensation will collect and penetrate in sensitive areas.


Eureka Auto Dry Box's Solution To Moisture Damages 

  • Eureka Auto Dry Box Series (25%~55% RH) provides the best moisture damage prevention for aging, molding, spoiling, rusting, corrosion, denaturing, etc.
  • Eureka Fast Super Dryer Series (<20% RH, <10% RH, <5% RH) provides the best solution for trace-moisture damages in manufacturing components/materials, integrated circuitry, MSDs, etc.

Moisture Damages Caused By Ambient Humidity

  • Objects begins to mold and spoil at 60% RH.
  • Objects begins to deteriorate, age, and oxidize at 35% RH.
  • Precious resources and materials suffers denaturing caused by trace moisture at 20%RH.
  • IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B standard indicates that MSD (Moisture-Sensitive Devices) stored properly at <10%RH or <5%RH will elongate floor life.

Manufacturing materials, precision parts, components and other resources can be protected from oxidation by maintaining storage environment at or below 35% RH Clearly, Eureka Auto Dry Boxes / Fast Super Dryers are essential appliances and instruments in your living and work environments. 


How Eureka difference from other competitor?

Each Eureka Auto Dry Box contains our exclusive and innovative adsorption technology, distinguishing our dehumidifying core units' performance advantages from our competitors. 

 Eureka Auto Dry Box

  TE Cooling Chip Dry Box

Key Dehumidification Technology Distinguished

  • Multi-porous molecular sieves traps moisture by means of van der Waals forces using multiple capillary channels.
  • Shape memory alloy control valves is utilized to expel moisture from cabinet and prevents moisture from coming back in if power is interrupted.
  • When power is supplied, one external side of the TE Cooling Chip unit becomes warm, while the inside becomes cool.
  • Moisture condenses on the inside where your valuables are stored.
  • The condensed moisture then drips down towards the warm side of the core where it is vaporized.

Dehumidification Quality

  • Dehumidification functions is not affected by the ambient temperature, especially under low temperature.
  • Stable dehumidification adjustable between 25%~55% RH to prevent mold, rust, oxidation and material quality/shape change, etc.
  • Super fast dehumidification capability under <20% RH, <10% RH, <5% RH, with <30 min. recovery time.
  • Condensation rate is lower during lower temperatures, thus, the rate of desiccation is reduced causing unstable dehumidification process.
  • Dehumidification levels below 20% RH is unattainable by this technology.

Protection During Power Outage

  • Outer valves automatically shuts and remains closed, preventing moisture from entering the box.
  • Inner valves remain open to allow continuous adsorption of moisture by the multi-porous molecular sieves
  • Dehumidification process stops and frost collected on the inside melts allowing moisture to circulate back into the cabinet.
  • Depending on the desiccating cycle, the valves may remain open to allow outside moisture to enter.

Analog Hygrometer vs LCD Meter

We strictly utilize analog hygrometers with our products for long term storage stored within 25%-55% RH because of the following advantages:
  • German or Japanese analog hygrometer included with Eureka's Auto Dry boxes are calibrated and tested before delivery.
  • Calibrated tolerance is within +/- 5% RH.
  • Monitors relative humidity levels independently from the desiccator core unit.
  • Analog hygrometers requires no battery to function and is unlikely to malfunction.
  • Hygrometer continues to monitor RH levels even when power is interrupted for any reason.
Eureka's Fast Super Dryers operates with extreme precision in RH control. Thus, Eureka utilizes German made "Testo" premium digial hygrometers to precisely monitor the relative humidity.
Utilizes its own in house manufactured/calibrated digital hygrometer and controllers with poor quality control and known issues regarding:
  • Digital LCD meters provides false readings due to poor quality.
  • Electronic circuitry could be counterfeited and thus cannot display accurate relative humidity levels.
  • Only one sensor available for setting and display RH levels without any backup monitoring system.
  • Service life is depended on battery, user must maintain proper reading.


Fully automatic and silent operation cycles.

Noisy fan and transformer could break down easily.

Repair Services

In rare instance the core unit or hygrometer is out of order, it is simple to remove from the cabinet for replacement services.
Core units and hygrometers are user upgradeable based on needs in the future, conforming to Eureka's concept of long-term use and environmental friendliness.

When the TE cooling chip or LCD meter breaks down, the entire dry box must be returned to the manufacture for repair, affecting property protection from humidity as well as accumulating costs.

All of Eureka's desiccating core units comes equipped with fully adjustable relative humidity range controller, built-in RH sensor, low power consumption, and operates silently. 
Model: DX-206 Auto Dry Box Capacity: 174 Liters Humidity Range: 25%-55% External Dimension: 40x123x41.2 cm (W*H*D) Internal Dimension: 36x35/74.6 (2 doors)x35.7 cm (W*H*D) Door Type: Two Tier Glass Door Hygrometer: German Analog Hygrometer Power Consumption: 12 Watts Lock Type: Standard

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