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Ming Thein X Frankie Falcon Ultimate Photographers Daybag (Black)

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Ming Thein first hardware collaboration with Frankie Falcon - UK Bag Maker. If you always wanted an urban shoulder bag which is low profile and look stealthy/minimalist without issues of access or strange confirguration, this is one bag you need.

Firstly, you’ll notice there’s almost no internal padding.
The materials used are thick enough to prevent bumping and chafing, and there’s strategic thin padding on the divider and bottom, but nowhere else. When was the last time you dropped a bag, but how often have you cursed at the wasted volume? A lot of other photographers have been using non-camera bags for this reason.

Secondly, it’s got a much greater internal volume than it appears to have.
The bag’s external dimensions are 31x24x16cm, which is small enough to count as your ‘personal item’ when you fly. This bag can fit two Hasselblad H bodies, two lenses, spares, a full size iPad in the rear pocket, and a 12″ Macbook in the front laptop pocket with room to spare – or two D810s, three Zeiss Otuses and the same spares, iPad and laptop. A D810 or 5D-sized body will fit transversely – so you could put three in, with lenses attached if you were really masochistic. If you’re willing to forgo a bit of internal room, it’ll stretch to fit a 13″ Retina Macbook Pro.

Thirdly, you’ll see there’s only one piece of velcro in the entire bag, yet there are five possible configurations.
The internal continuous loop divider is threaded through four leather retaining straps at 1/3rd width intervals; by threading the divider through different combinations of the loop and securing it with that single piece of velcro, you can have either one big compartment, three equal ones, two equal ones or two unequal ones (L-R bias). And the divider is long enough that you’ll still have a third thin compartment between the two compartments if you choose the two-up route. I usually use it in the three compartment configuration: in the field, three lenses easily changed out, camera in hand; or two lenses, and one on the camera which sits in the middle.

Fourthly, It’s lightweight, self-forming, fully collapsible, and water resistant.
The bag is mostly double-layer canvas, of the same treated sort that’s used in convertible roofs – as you can see, it’s hydrophobic and water beads and runs off. If you remove the divider and fold up the bottom padding, you can squash it completely flat – making it easy to pack into your check in luggage. The bag weighs about 1kg empty.

  • Internal dimensions: 14x22x30cm (main compartment), 9.2L (comparison: Billingham Hadley Pro 12x28x35cm, 6L)
  • External dimensions: 16x24x31cm; total continuous strap length 1.5m measured from the top of the bag to the opposite side of the top of the bag
  • Empty weight: ~1kg
  • Materials: Double layer water-repellant canvas, Italian calf leather, black/black with grey stitching. Handle in leather, cotton webbing adjustable shoulder strap. Leather ball-and-tab front closure with two positions.
  • Construction: Handmade in England by Frankie Falcon

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