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FLM CB-38FT Professional Tripod Ballhead (CB38FT)

Warranty: 5 years by Lee Photo (FLM sole distributor in Malaysia)
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Normally, a tripod head that is mounted on the tripod plate is used for aligning a camera. To ensure maximum stability, a tripod is positioned in such manner that the tripod plate is aligned horizontally. A bubble level can be used for assistance if required. The camera is then moved or accurately secured with the tripod head.

Apart from tilt units, which are often used in the video area, ball heads are mostly used in photography. Ball heads with integrated panoramic function are available for panoramic pictures. Panoramic heads are also available for retrofitting existing ball heads.

The centre ball heads, panoramic heads and bubble levels from FLM are designed with the same accuracy as the FLM tripods and are manufactured and tested with the same high precision in Germany.


  • The patented locking mechanism ensures a greater holding force (maximum load-bearing capacity) of the ball. The black pin wheel can be used for infinitely variable adjustment of the ball friction. Thanks to the special bearing and ball guides, it is possible to guarantee the unequalled silky-smooth running of the ball. This permits precise pans and smooth shots.
  • Very high demands are placed on the ball, the heart of any tripod head. The balls are produced on CNC machines. This ensures jerk-free, silky-smooth movement and provides the Centerball with an unequalled adjustment reliability. Tempered, hand-polished ball surfaces and the sophisticated design allow for maintenance-free use, both outdoors and in the studio. Housing, adapter plates and balls, as well as all adjustment and locking levers are made of high-quality aluminium alloy.
  • The PAN knob locks the 360° base rotation. For this function, FLM‘s patented clamping system is once again used, which ensures an extremely high holding force. The scale with laser markings is slightly titled so that it can also be read from the top.
  • FT and FTR models only - Probably the most innovative feature of the FLM heads is the patented tilt system. Thanks to the tilt function, the Centerball resembles a 2D tilt unit. It ensures that the ball can only be swivelled vertically at 90 degrees to the tilt knob. This has no effect on friction.
  • FTR models, or upgradeable for all FT models - 15° stop: By pressing the black knob, base rotation can be locked for easy and secure attachment of the tripod head on the tripod mount. In addition, the grey lever can be used to switch on an additional audible and tactile 15° notch click.


Ball Diameter 38mm
Camera Mount 1/4 inch
Base Thread 3/8 inch
Dimensions (DxH) 55x90 mm
Weight 425g
Max Load 25kg


Explanation of the designation on the example of the CB-38 FTR:
CB = Centerball
38 = ball diameter in millimetres
F = friction at the ball. Infinitely variable adjustment of the stiffness for the ball.
T = tilt function. If activated, the tripod head functions like a 2D tilt unit
R = 15° stop function. 15° notches in the base and zero-point locking.

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