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Gitzo GB2551L 5 Section Series 2 Carbon Fiber Boompole

Warranty: 2 years Shriro (M) SDN BHD (Gitzo sole distributor in Malaysia)
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The Gitzo GB2551L microphone boom is a professional grade, new-generation carbon fiber microphone boom built to support sound engineers precisely and reliably, ensuring easy, intuitive cable handling for quick and secure setup in all situations – helping achieve flawless sound takes. A comfortable, handy boom, it has all Gitzo’s distinctive features likestiffness, stability and lightness.

The Gitzo GB2551L features the latest Carbon eXact tubing, which outperfoms its predecessor, Carbon 6X, in terms of stiffness. This new model has larger tube diameters but remains as lightweight as its predecessors. Weighing just 0.71 kg, it provides new levels of stiffness and rigidity - even when extended to its full length of 341 cm.
On its end, a stiffer 14.7 mm tube reduces unwanted flexing, keeping microphones stable in the desired position. The Gitzo GB2551L manages cables precisely, improving operation speed and handling ease in the field. It helps eliminate unwanted noise through facilitated internal cabling: the sound cable can be fed through the boom thanks to easily removable top and bottom attachments, exiting naturally on both sides. Alternatively, the cable can run outside the boom.

The boom features an ergonomic front-hand rubber grip that helps users hold it stably and comfortably. The bottom end of the boom is equipped with a resistant rubber foot that enables sound engineers to rest holding the boom vertically against the floor, while the cable exits from the side without getting pinched. The tubes feature is the new G-lock Ultra system, Gitzo’s latest-generation quick and rigid leg-locking mechanism.
Along with the other models in this new range, the Gitzo GB2551L is equipped with a reversible 3/8”-1/4” screw, allowing it to connect most microphone holders, including the Gitzo G11510N.
With the optional 3/8”-5/8” G1145 adapter, it connects to other microphone holders with a 5/8” thread.

The Gitzo GB2551L is part of a new range covering popular lengths and tube diameters and designed to meet the needs of most location filming and to provide the optimal combination of lightness and stiffness.

  • 341cm, series 2 Carbon eXact microphone boom
  • G-lock ultra make it quick and rigid while operating
  • Facilitated cable handling, quick and secure setup anywhere
  • Ergonomic front-hand rubber grip and rubber foot for comfort
  • Connects to most mic holders

Gitzo GB2551L 5 Section Series 2 Carbon Fiber Boompole

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