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iFootage Shark Slider S1

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iFootage understands that the users experience with regards to product builds, by removing any excess mass, it reduces weight and size of the product. Furthermore, this increases the convenience to users who frequently packs and deploys the unit as it is less cumbersome than having a solid mass of material. The slider was designed with an integrated shoulder strap connection points, the carrier bag strap can be removed and placed on the slider, allowing ease of mobility without sacrificing time or the need to reconfigure anything. Made for both professionals or amateurs who love to shoot but want that added convenience and mobility, and this is made just for you. Using the superior weight properties of carbon fiber and using premium grade material, the fibers can offer more rigidity compared to other carbon fiber products from the same weight ratio. iFootage’s use of this exclusive advanced production method and the combination of eight carbon fiber layers greatly enhances the stability of the track and is less susceptible to track warping due to long-term use. It also utilizes 14 Japanese made high-quality stainless steel bearings, greatly improving the quality of the system composition. Then with multiple 1/4 and 3/8 connection points increasing its versatility, whether you wish to place a microphone, light or monitor would not be an issue for our Slider.

  • Lightest material of the best quality
  • High-end and standard quality product for photographer
  • High precision - attention to detail
  • High strength carbon fiber tube provide the best ever experience for all users.
  • Smoothness and Compactness


Carbon Firder, Anodized Aluminum

Tude Diameter:

Max Length:

Effective Length:

Max Load:

1x Main Section
4x Leg Supports
1x Weight Pulley
1x S3M Belt
1x Bag
1x 3/8 Screw Adapter

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