Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH (Silver) 11882
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Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH (Silver) 11882

Warranty: 2 Years by Leica Camera AG
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The 35mm f/2 Summicron-M Aspherical Lens from Leica is an aspheric lens surface technology for this long popular Leica 35mm M lens. Excellent sharpness and contrast rendition and high resolving power are the benefits of this new computation. This lens has outstanding imaging performance across the entire focusing range. Its versatility and all-around performance makes this a world class lens in the high-speed wide-angle category. Equipped with the 35mm f/2 Summicron-M Aspherical lens, the Leica M becomes an elegant compact camera.

Sharp. Compact. Flexible.
Because of its excellent contrast characteristics, outstanding resolution throughout the entire focusing range and almost perfect elimination of distortion, this renowned lens is one of the world’s best high-speed 35mm lenses, turning any Leica M-Camera into a highly compact, elegant unit.

Technical details
The Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH. delivers fine overall image quality, high contrast and exemplary resolution over its entire aperture range, even wide open. By closing the aperture down only 2 stops to f/4, this lens offers maximum resolution and unsurpassed contrast to your images.

Filter Size 39mm
f/Stop Range 2.0-16
Minimum Focus Distance 2.3'
Angle of View 64 Degrees
Groups/Elements 5/7
Length 1.4"
Maximum Diameter 2.0"
Weight 9 oz (255 g)

Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH (Silver) 11882
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