Lee Filter Autumn Tint Set
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Lee Filter Autumn Tint Set

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Available in optically correct resin. This set is for the 100mm System, but individual filters are available in a range of sizes.

The Autumn Tint Set makes the most of the rich golds, reds and browns that typify the Autumn season.  

A unique feature of these filters is that they can be used as both hard grads and standards. Because the graduation line is placed 90mm from the top of the filter, the coated portion of the filter is sufficient to cover the whole scene. Alternatively, by raising the filter higher in its holder, it then becomes a grad.

Autumn: Chocolate 2 Graduated

Autumn: Chocolate 2 Graduated

Accentuates autumn leaves, stone etc. Available with Hard or Soft gradation.

Autumn: Coral 6 Graduated

Autumn: Coral 6 Graduated

Pinkish warm-up, redder than the 81 series. Available with Hard (pictured) or Soft gradation.

Autumn: Tobacco 2 Graduated

Autumn: Tobacco 2 Graduated

Darker and redder than Chocolate or Sepia, a very strong effect. Available with Hard or Soft gradation.

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