Lee Filter Sunrise Set
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Lee Filter Sunrise Set

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Available in optically correct resin. This set is for the 100mm System, but individual filters are available in a range of sizes.

The light at dawn tends to be rather paler and more subtle than at sunset, and this set reflects this.

The strong yellow of the Straw 2 acts as a warm-up, while the Mahogany 1 is suitable for creating a paler effect. The Straw Stripe introduces warmth into the horizon.

This set is only available with hard grads, but soft grads are available when purchasing the filters individually.

Mahogany 1

Mahogany 1

Enhances impression of dawn and evening light in skies; ‘red sky at night’ effect. Available with Hard or Soft gradation.


Straw 2 Graduated

Straw 2 Graduated

A greater yellow warm-up for landscapes. Accentuates foregrounds when inverted. Available with Hard or Soft gradation.


Straw Stripe

Straw Stripe

A greater yellow warm-up for landscapes.

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