Markins PG-50 Universal Camera Plate
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Markins PG-50 Universal Camera Plate

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PG-50 is an anti-twist flange style camera plate.

Hex-Headed Screw
The plate comes with a new improved plate screw HB1. HB1 has a hex-headed hole that takes a 5/32" (4 mm) Allen wrench. Special hard alloy stainless-steel and a special die are used to manufacture these new screw.

The head is 22% bigger than competitors' screws, which provide extra force to resist separation (12mm vs 9.8mm diameter).

There is an extra pitch to provide stronger fastening strength (3.5 vs 2.5 pitch).

HB1 Head

The deviation from perpendicularity is within only 0.03 mm compare to competitors' 0.1 mm.

All these extra features and precision provide high resistance to separation under stress.

Highest Quality Material
Made of the highest quality duralumin, it is light weight, low profile, and strong enough to support your equipments.

 Hard-Anodized Surface
Hard-anodized surface is smooth and extremely resistant to scratches, chips or corrosion. It is 30% harder than stainless steel. Its surface is heat-resistant to the melting point of aluminum. This is the same process to be used to protect satellites from the harsh environment of space.

International standard dove-tail plate, compatible with Arca-Swiss type quick release clamps (Arca, Foba, Kirk, Wimberly, etc).

Anti-Twist Flange
Anti-twist flange effectively prevents the camera from twisting or moving.

Custom Fitting
Camera/lens specific design provides custom fit to your equipments, and allows access to all camera controls and functions without removing the plate.

Ergonomics & Safety
All the corners and edges are rounded by super-finishing barreling method for the safety to prevent from accidental injuries or damages to the other equipments.

Hand Strap Hole (Patented)
Available in some model, hand strap hole allows to attach hand strap.

Extra Monopod Hole
Available in some model, extra UNC 1/4 bolt-hole in the camera plate enables the attachment of a monopod.

Bidirectional Convinience
Available in some model, bidirectional plates are very versatile.

Model   Markins Camera Plate
  Type   Anti-Twist Flange
  Weight   1.3 oz (37 g)
  Dimension   2.0W X 2.0L X 0.6H in (52W X 53L X 14.5H mm)
  Bidirectional   Yes
  Hand Strap Hole   Yes
  Mounting Bolt   1/4" UNC
  Monopod Hole   1/4" UNC
  Stopping Bolt   No
  Color   Black

Markins PG-50 Universal Camera Plate

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