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match Technical EP-CL Thumbs Up (For Leica CL) (Black)

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Shoot for longer with added comfort and stability with this black EP-CL Thumbs Up Grip from Match Technical for your Leica CL mirrorless camera. This accessory is made of brass for enhanced durability and easily slides into the camera's hot shoe, providing a surface where you can rest your thumb. It helps you get a secure grip on your camera and reduce shake while shooting, and it also helps you know where your finger is in relation to your function buttons for quick and precise operation. An added benefit is its tailor-made construction. and a design that matches seamlessly with the camera and does not block any controls. A silicone rubber insert creates a tight fit and protects the camera body.

  • Beveled Grip for Resting Thumb
  • Slides into Camera's Hot Shoe
  • Added Comfort While Holding Camera
  • Helps Reduce Camera Shake
  • Silicone Rubber Insert
  • Design Matches Camera Body
  • Does Not Interfere with Controls
  • Silicone Rubber Insert
  • Durable Brass Construction

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