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Nikon WT-2 Wireless Transmitter set for D2X/D2H/D2Hs

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The wireless transmitter WT-2 is a product to transfer image data to a PC through a wireless LAN. It can be attached to the D2X and D2Hs. Conventional data transfer from camera to PC requires delivery using the card reader, or USB cable connection from the camera body to the PC. But with the wireless transmitter attached to the camera body, each data unit is transferred to the PC virtually at the moment it is taken. Since this is wireless, the scope of the shooting activities is never limited by the length of connection cable. You can make a setting to delete data from the memory card automatically once that data has been transferred. Furthermore, a memory card is not required for shooting and transferring when using the PTP/IP transfer mode. So there is no need to worry about how much memory card capacity remains.

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