Nikon WT-3 Wireless Transmitter set for D200
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Nikon WT-3 Wireless Transmitter set for D200

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The Nikon WT-3/3A is an upcoming transmitter built for the Nikon D200 DSLR. Like its predecessor, the WT-3 uses IEEE 802.11g to automatically upload images to an FTP server as soon as images are shot. In addition to FTP support, it also provides support for the PTP/IP protocol to allow remote control capabilities. Unlike its predecessor, however, the WT-3 also has an Ethernet port for high-speed wired transmission of images. When coupled with an FTP server such as Pixagent's ITP, the WT-3/3A will move images to a computer so that they can be processed/displayed in parallel with their shooting. This allows the photographer and their clients immediate access to their photographs in order to maximize the speed of their workflow.

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