Nikon WT-4 Wireless Transmitter set for D300/D700/D3
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Nikon WT-4 Wireless Transmitter set for D300/D700/D3

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Connect the D300 to Nikon's newly developed Wireless Transmitter WT-4/4a and discover the convenience and efficiency of extended image transfer and printing options via IEEE 802.11b/g/a wireless connections. Image data can also be transferred directly to a computer's hard disk drive as you shoot, while other features also contribute to a faster, more efficient digital imaging workflow. New Thumbnail Select mode permits thumbnail display of images taken by up to five wirelessly connected cameras on a single computer's display, with only the user-selected images being downloaded and saved to the computer. Wireless Transmitter WT-4/4a also features wide-ranging support for network and security protocols, making it suitable for use with a variety of different systems. Image transfer via wired 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX Ethernet connections is also supported.

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