Clearance - Nissin PS300 Power Pack (For Canon)
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Clearance - Nissin PS300 Power Pack (For Canon)

Warranty: 1 year DSC World Sdn Bhd (Nissin sole distributor in Malaysia)
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Nissin Power Pack PS-300 is an external high power booster for professional electronic flash. A variety of power supply cables are provided for Nissin flash or other brands. High speed charging and high power features ultimate the joyful of shooting experience to professional photographers and never miss the precious moments.

High Speed charging
Power Pack PS-300 provides high speed charging, approximately 0.7 seconds to recharge Di866 flash.


The battery life of 1 Ni-MH battery cluster -7.2V/ 3,300 mAh can provides approximately 60,000 flash times (Using Di866 full power)

Maximize the utilization

Power Pack PS-300 provides 2 power sockets. Users are able to work with 2 flashes at the same time. A variety of power supply cables are provided for different camera brands.

*Fully support Nissin Di866 type C and type N. Plug C cable for Canon type flash unit. Plug N cable for Nikon type flash unit. *With the purchase of Power Pack PS-300, 1 power supply cable will be included upon to desire type. Individual cable can be purchased from dealer separately. (plug S for Sony will need to purchase separately)

Heavy Duty housing

The metal-made shell provides perfect protection. It is safe and durable.

Power source: NiMH battery- 7.2V/ 3,300 mAh
Battery life 200 times of charge/ discharge
Charging time of battery: approximate 4 hours
Outlet: 2 x DC 315V
Flash power supply cable: Type C and Type N. Type C for Nissin Di866 model (Canon version) or Canon’s original flash with external power socket. Type N for Nissin Di866 model (Nikon version) or Nikon’s original flash with external power socket.
Flash recycle: 1/4th of the recycle time by the regular batteries loaded in the flash unit. (e.g. approx. 0.7 sec. for Nissin Di866, Canon EX580EX II, Nikon SB900) with switch position at “Hi” (lamp turns red)
Note: No flash can be released, when batteries are not inserted in the flash unit.
Number of flashes: 300 full flashes per charge
Dimensions (main body): 110(W) x 200(H) x 35(D) mm / 4.3(W) x 7.8(H) x 1.3(D) inches
Weight: 980g with battery. w/o power supply cable.

Power Pack Main Body

Power Supply Cable 
Leatherette Case
AC Adapter and Power Cable for AC Adapter

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