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Nissin PS8 Power Pack Battery

Warranty: 1 year DSC World Sdn Bhd (Nissin sole distributor in Malaysia)
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Nissin Power Pack PS 8 is an external high power booster for professional electronic flash. A variety of power supply cables are provided for Nissin flash or other brands. High speed charging and high power features ultimate the joyful of shooting experience to professional photographers and never miss the precious moments.
Compact, lightweight
The core boosting circuit of Nissin Power Pack PS 8 has been redesigned to reduce the heat, compare with previous model, it now uses a high-strength plastic instead of a metal housing for the body. Because of this, the size is now more compact while maintaining the high-performance at the same time. In Addition, the belt buckles and shoulder strap are including into the packing for convenient use at any time.
*Nissin Power Pack PS300 Size:185(H) x 105(W) x 34(D) mm, Weight : 761g (with Ni-MH battery pack); Nissin Power Pack PS 8 Size 169(H) x 95(W) x 34(D) mm, Weight :710g, about 18% smaller than PS300

Quick-loading battery cartridge

The Nissin Power Pack PS 8 has a new exclusive battery cartridge design. In addition to greatly increasing the battery capacity, the new battery design helps to decrease the overall weight. Another feature is the quick-loading battery cartridge design. It is the first time Nissin has introduced it on the external power pack. The efficiency of the new Nissin PS 8 is a great advantage for the working professional by significantly increasing the bumber of flashes per charge over the previous model.

Battery level indication LED

The new LED indication lamp located at the top of the body turns green after being fully charged. When the battery level is less than or equal to 30%, it turns from “green” to “red” and the LED beings “blinking red”, this indicates that the battery is nearly discharged. Please replace a new battery as soon as possible.

USB socket

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, photographers often have to carry back-up power stations for these devices. The intimate design of Nissin Power Pack PS 8, provides a USB charging socket which supports DC 5V 2A output. It can be a fast charging device for Image data transfer or others like smartphones and tablet devices in case of any emergency.
*The maximum output current is 2A, in general can provide two times charging for iPhone and iPad charged to about 40%.(with new battery pack)

High Speed charging

Nissin Power Pack PS 8 provides high speed charging, approximately 0.7 seconds to recharge MG8000/ Di866 / Di866 Mark II flash and MF18 Marco ring flash.


The battery life of 1 Ni-MH battery cluster -7.2V/ 3,300 can provide 550 times full power output, and Charge Discharge about 500 cycles.

Maximize the utilization

Power Pack PS 8 provides 2 power sockets. Users are able to work with 2 flashes at the same time. A variety of power supply cables are provided for different camera brands.

*Fully support Nissin Di866 type C and type N. Plug C cable for Canon type flash unit. Plug N cable for Nikon type flash unit.
*With the purchase of Power Pack PS 8, 1 power supply cable will be included upon to desire type. Individual cable can be purchased from dealer separately. (plug S for Sony will need to purchase separately)

Specifications of Power Pack PS 8

Type For Canon, Nikon and Sony Digital SLR cameras (*)
Output sockets Flash external power socket x 2 (Same as PS300), USB (Type A, power output only) x 1
Output voltage DC 320V
Output Power control 3 levels (high, medium, low)
Flash Charging time 0.5 - 0.7 sec (full power output)
Battery type Ni-MH battery pack
Battery life (Approx.) 550 times (full power output)
Battery level indication LED LED type (100 - 30%: green, Lower than 30%: red, Battery low: blinking red)
Battery loading system Quick loading cartridge(with two-stage locking device)
USB power output DC 5V・2A
Accessories Power supply cable, Ni-MH battery pack charger, strap, Soft case (Rainproof)
Dimensions 200(H) x 110(W) x 35(D) mm
Weight 710g(with Ni-MH battery pack)

Specifications of Ni-MH battery pack

Type cartridge type (with two-stage locking device)
Output voltage DC 7.2V
Capacity 3,000 mAh
Charging time (Approx.) 4 hours
Charge Discharge cycle (Approx.) 500 cycles
Dimensions 110(H) x 74(W) x 27(D)mm (**)
Weight 381g

*Applicable to Pentax with power cord for Nissin PS300
**The size is including prominent parts


AC Adapter
Power Supply Cable
Soft Case

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