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Olympus BCL-1580 15mm f/8.0 Body Cap Lens

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The BCL-1580 is a lens that is so thin – just 9mm thick – that it can easily be mistaken for a camera-mount body cap. With three glass lens elements in three groups, it can be used as a wide-angle lens equivalent with a single focal length of 30mm (35mm camera equivalent). In addition to daily use as a "pan-focus" lens featuring a wide angle, fixed f8 aperture and shallow depth of field, it is compatible with manual focusing using a lever and capable of close-up shooting as close as 30 cm. A lens-protection barrier is provided so the lens can be mounted permanently on the camera and even put in a pocket together with the camera. Serving as a body cap when carrying the camera and as a pan-focus snapshot lens when taking pictures, this lens is the ideal choice for everyday shooting.

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