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Olympus VF-3 Electronic Viewfinder for Pen Digital Camera (Silver)

Warranty: 1 year Olympus Malaysia
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Compared to LCDs, eye-level viewfinders can make a world of difference when you’re photographing under bright lighting conditions, or at camera positions other than eye-level, at arm’s length. Owners of Olympus Pen Micro Four Thirds digital cameras, who have long had the option of attaching an Olympus VF-2 electronic viewfinder to their camera’s accessory port as a solution to this problem, now have a less expensive alternative: the Olympus VF-3 electronic viewfinder.

Though slightly smaller and lower-res compared to the Olympus VF-2 electronic viewfinder (0.97x mag. and 920,000 dots versus 1.15x mag. and 1,440,000 dots), the VF-3 features the same 100% field of view, 90° tilt control and brightness and color-control adjustments as the VF-2, but for about $100 less than the VF-2.

In addition to Olympus Pen digital cameras with accessory ports, the Olympus VF-3 is also compatible with Olympus’s XZ-1 digital camera.
  • Detachable electronic Viewfinder
  • Resolution of 920,000 dots
  • Superb price-performance ratio
  • Perfect for low angle shooting
  • Tilting mechanism
  • Bright with high contrast from the center to the edges
Resolution: 922000 dots
Field of view: 100 %
Magnification: Approx. 1.0 x with a 50mm lens set to infinity at -1 dioptre
Diopter adjustment: -3.0 - +1.0 diopter
Eye point: 17.4 mm at -1 dioptre
Weight: 28g (without cover)

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