Profoto D4 Air 1200Ws Power Pack
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Profoto D4 Air 1200Ws Power Pack

Warranty: 2 Years by Srishti Enterprise Pte Ltd (Profoto Singapore Distributor)
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The Profoto D4 Air 1200Ws Power Pack (90-240VAC) is the latest in the Profoto line of finely designed and crafted sources of power. Compatible with all Acute and Acute 2 Heads*, and the Pro 7 Plus flash head.

This 1200Ws pack has outlets for 4 heads, each of which can be controlled separately. It has a built-in radio receiver which offers comfortable radio remote and reliable radio synchronization using the Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync transceivers (available separately) up to 984' (300 m) away. It has precise digital readout of each light channel's selected output. Digital photographers will appreciate the 8 f-stop power range for creating subtle lighting effects. Another enhancement is this pack's ability to fire the flash directly from a computer via the pack's USB port.

Sports and theatrical production photographers can make good use of extremely short (1/7500s to 1/1000s) flash durations and recycling times (0.07 to 1.2 seconds).

*Note: With 90-120 Voltage: Do not use older Pro-3, Pro-5, Pro-6, PF, PB, or Pro-7 heads. The fans in these heads will operate at a slower speed, which may result in overheating.

Note: With 200-240 Voltage: Do not mix the use of Acute/D4 heads with ProHeads. Change the pack's default setting to "Acu" in order to achieve maximum modeling light intensity.

Built-In Remote Control
The D4 1200 Air offers comfortable radio remote and reliable radio synchronization via the small and handy Profoto Air Remote or Profoto Air Sync transceivers (Air Sync - synchronization only). Profoto's Studio software makes it possible, in combination with the optional Profoto Air USB transceiver, to control, save and recall all settings wirelessly by a Mac or PC. Profoto Air transceivers have a working range of up to 984' (300m) and extremely short delay. This allows the use of this radio sync with the shortest sync times of actual cameras (down to 1/1600s). The Air system works on 2.4GHz frequency for international use.

Eight F-Stop Range
Ultra fine control in 0.1 stop increments

Computer Interface Port
Control all power pack features through the USB port on any computer
Mouse click on screen schematic that duplicates the power pack's control panel layout.
Control up to 127 packs, each one with its own ID number.
Follow provided link to downloadable software by clicking on "calculators".

Wireless Control
Interval: Set time between flashes
Sequence: Program 2 - 60 flashes
Delay: .01 - 60 seconds
Channel and Zones: 32/4. Gives total control when using multiple power pack systems and the Pocket Wizard Multimax transceiver mounted on-camera.

Short Flash Duration
Freeze the action of a water splash, slam-dunk, or dancer's leap.

Store up to 3 different favorite power settings.

Asymmetrical Distribution
Control the amount of power to each individual flash head. Readout can be seen in F-Stops or w/s, by touching a button.

Master Control
Change power level across all outlets after ratios are set by pushing a button, and turning one control knob.

Individually Controlled Modeling Lights
Preview the flash location 4 different ways:
Max: All model lights full power
Proportional: Model light dims or brightens as power is selected for each head.
1/2 Proportional: Same as proportional, but model light begins @ 1/2 power.
Max Proportional: Flash head with most power has auto-full modeling light, all other heads show modeling lights in proportion.

Compatible with all AC voltages between 90 and 230V, 50 to 60 Hz.
Use appropriate AC power cord and modeling light.

Maximum Watt/Seconds 1200
Guide Number F-45 @ 2 m, ISO 100, with zoom reflector
Recycle Time .07 sec @ min. power, 1.2 sec @ full power
Flash Duration 1/7500 @ 9 w/s, 1/1000 @ 1200 w/s
Distribution Asymmetrical
Head Outlets 4
Flash Ready Indicator Optical: Test Button illuminated, modeling light dims during recycle
Audible: Beep, Buzz or Off
Operating Voltage Auto seeking, 90-230V AC, 50-60hz (change modeling light bulbs with different voltage uses)
Sync Voltage Not specified by manufacturer
Built-in Slave Cell Switchable: Optical, and 32 channel radio slave receiver
Circuit Protection Slow/Fast Recycling switch and arc proof head connectors
Fan Cooled Yes
Auto Dump Yes
Dimensions 11.6 x 11.2 x 8" (29 x 28 x 20 cm) with handle
Weight 22 lb (10 kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 26.0 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.0 x 12.7 x 9.9"

Profoto D4 Air 1200Ws Power Pack (90-240VAC)
16' Synchro Cable
AC Power Cord (16', USA)
Profoto Studio Software
User's Guide

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