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Spider Holster Black Widow Kit

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No more dangling cameras from your neck and shoulders. Finally, the fun of photos without the hassle of dangling cameras and twisted straps! No more strap trouble when bending down.

Note: Black Widow is designed for use on lightweight DSLRs and point-and-shoot camera. For heavier camera please use SpiderPro.

Both hands and upper body free
Expand your photo fun and versatility... take your camera off-road with the Spider Holster Black Widow. Your hands are free when they need to be, so go ahead, climb that incline, ride that rollercoaster, eat that pretzel...

Built-in security
The Black Widow locks-in your camera each time it's placed into the holster. This provides maximum security in active shooting situations and doubles as a theft deterrent!

Your belt or Black Widow Belt
Use special Black Widow Belt, or use your own sturdy belt! Either way, try adding Black Widow Pad for an even more comfortable experience. Want it all for less? Try Black Widow Kit - it includes a Black Widow Holster, Belt, and Pad in one box!
The Spider Holster Black Widow.The Spider Holster Black Widow.

Ready to travel
The Black Widow fits in the palm of your hand, can easily be packed in a travel bag or purse and is rather discrete when worn. Get your shots while keeping a low profile!

Complements your body's movement
The Black Widow complements the body's natural movements, so getting through crowds couldn't be easier! It feels natural when you walk because the patented Black Widow Pin allows your camera to pivot as your body moves.

Works with your tripod quick-release plate
Use Black Widow Thin Tripod Plate accessory (patent pending) for compatibility with any quick-release plate.
1 Black Widow Holster
1 Black Widow Pin
1 Black Widow Belt
1 Black Widow Pad

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