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TetherBoost USB-D/C Power Cable (3ft/1m) – TBDCUSB

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The TetherBoost USB to D/C Power Cable is a 3′ (1m) cable ideal for use with TetherBoost Core Controller. It connects from the TetherBoost D/C port to the USB port of an external battery bank such as the Rock Solid 10,000mAh External Power Bank. The TetherBoost USB to D/C Power Cable is ideal for providing mobile power when shooting on location or away from wall power for long stretches of time. Adding the additional power to TetherBoost will allow longer tethering distances as well as supplement battery power from the camera’s battery, increasing the camera’s battery charge life.

*Please note the purchase of the TetherBoost USB D/C Power Cable does not include a TetherBoost Core Controller or an external battery pack. Additional accessories sold separately.

  • 3' (1m) long
  • Right Angle
  • Black

Plug the TetherBoost USB-D/C Power Cable into the TetherBoost and connect it to the External Power Bank’s USB port to save camera battery and extend length of tethering cables that can be used with TetherBoost.

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