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Think Tank Photo Logistic Manager 30

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty by Think Tank Photo
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Haul a large amount of photo equipment on location or stay organized. The Logistics Manager can be used to carry small to medium size softboxes (collapsed), umbrellas, light stands, strobe heads/packs, super telephoto lenses, multiple cameras and other gear.
  • Stores and transports all types of gear on location
  • TSA combination lock secures main zipper
  • Rear security cable & lock tethers case to a fixed object
  • Front security cable & lock
  • Attachments for large tripods or light stands on both sides
  • Large front organizer pocket
  • Stretchable front pocket for odd sized items or laptop
  • Side organizer pocket for small tools
  • Interior clear pockets for cables and accessories
  • Lid straps keep bag opening at 90º angle
  • Two clear organizer bags included
  • Seam sealed rain cover included
  • Holds up to medium size softboxes or light stands inside (verify sizing)
  • Large light stands or tripods can be attached to both sides of the bag
  • Holds multiple super telephoto lenses inside, up to 600mm f4
  • Suitable for studio, location, sports, and event photographers
1 Contents (clockwise from top left):  Logistics Manager organizer bag, Calumet Travelite 750 with power cord, Calumet 10" reflector with barn doors attached, spare power cords, second Calumet 10" reflector with 10 degree grid attached, 2 PockeWizard Plus Transceivers, Calumet speedrings, second Calumet Travelite 750 with power cord.
1 Contents (clockwise from top left):  2 Chimera medium super softboxes (collapsed) with two small light stands underneath, 2 Profoto Acute heads with standard zoom reflectors attached and power cords, Profoto barn doors, 2 PocketWizard Plus Transceivers, Profoto Ringlight with power cord, Profoto Acute 2400 pack.
1 Contents (left to right):  2 Profoto Acute 2400R packs, 3 Profoto Acute heads with standard zoom reflectors and power cords.
a Contents (left to right):  1 Broncolor Grafit A4 RFS pack with power cord, 2 Broncolor Pulso G4 lampheads with power cords (reflectors detached).
aa Contents (left to right):  1 Broncolor Pulso G4 lamphead with standard reflector and power cord, second Broncolor Pulso G4 lamphead with standard reflector and power cord, sync cord, Broncolor 3200 w/s Ringflash C with Softlight Reflector attached and pwer cord.
a A whole lot of Canon gear and multimedia gear!  Also fits Nikon equipment...  Contents (clockwise from top left):  Canon 50mm f1.2 with hood in position, Canon 70-200 f2.8, Canon 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, Sennheiser MKE66 shotgun microphone, Rycote Softie microphone wind screen, Canon 400 f2.8, Rode VideoMic, Marantz PMD 660, Sony MDR-7505 professional headphones (folded), 2 Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone transmitters and receivers (packed inside Think Tank Multimedia Wireless Mic Kit bag), Sennheiser e840 cardioid dynamic microphone, 2 Canon 5D Mark II bodies with battery grips attached, 1 Canon 50D with battery grip attached, Canon 24-70 f2.8, Canon 16-35 f2.8 with hood in position, Canon 85 f1.8.
a The rear security cableis built into the framework of the Logistics Manager.  It is stored in a zippered pocket on the rear of the rolling bag and can be used to tether the bag to an immovable object while on location.  A mini TSA-approved combination lock is included but any gauge lock can be used with the security cable.
a The main zipper sliders can be secured by the three digit combination lock built into the side of the Logistics Manager.  The lock is also TSA-approved, in case the Logistics Manager is checked as baggage during airline travel.
aa Each Logistics Manager is assigned a unique serial number which is on the small metal plate riveted on the back of the roller.  The serial number can be registered, upon purchase, for Think Tank's Lost-and-Found program at
aa The durable extending handle is sized strategically so the Logistics Manager rolls further away from the person pulling it.  This reduces the chances of kicking the bottom of the rolling bag with your heels as you walk.
a Two clear organizer bags for carrying cables, batteries, chargers, etc. are included with the Logistics Manager.  Each zippered organizer bag has a built-in business card window for easy identification as well.
a Two removable lid straps are included to keep the lid near a 90º angle.  Excellent features to have when space is limited and to keep the clear pockets under the lid visible.
a There are special pockets for the zipper sliders to insert into when the zippers are closed.  When properly used, they prevent the zipper sliders from scratching any valuable equipment inside the bag.
a A reinforced webbing handle is located at the bottom of the Logistics Manager for convenience. 
a The front, lower half of the Logistics Manager features a deep stretchable pocket with a hook-and-loop flap enclosure.  The pocket can be used for large, awkwardly shaped equipment such as Magic Arms, extension cords and some folding reflectors.  Alternatively, the Artificial Intelligence 15 or Artificial Intelligence 17 laptop cases can be carried in the same pocket.
a The large zippered pocket on the front of the Logistics Manager has a built-in organizer for various accessories such as model releases, pens, permanent markers, and computer cables.
a The organizer pocket at the side of the bag can be used to carry small tools that may be essential to have on location.  The tripod cup included with the Logistics Manager also attaches to the metal buckle inside this pocket.  When the tripod cup is not in use, it does not need to be removed and can be stored in the side pocket as well.
a Attachment points for tripods or light stands are built into both sides of the Logistics Manager.  Two sets of support straps and a tripod cup are included; Bazooka tripod bags are also compatible.  Pictured here is a Series 5 Gitzo tripod and a Humongous Bazooka with a pair of medium size softboxes inside it.
a Any Bazooka tripod case can attach to the side of the Logistics Manager by using accessory straps included with the roller.  The Humongous Bazooka size and expanding capacity pairs well with the Logistics Manager, to carry longer equipment such as tall light stands and large softboxes or umbrellas.
a Large tripods or light stands can also be attached to the opposite side of the Logistics Manager, using the included tripod cup and accessory straps.
Internal Dimensions: 13.75 W x 27.5 H x 8.25 – 10 D (35 x 70 x 21-25 cm)
External Dimensions: 15.75 W x 30 H x 11.5 D (40 x 76 x 29 cm)
Weight: 16 - 24.5 lbs (7.25 – 11 kg)
Limited consumer warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in the new Think Tank Photo product accompanied by this warranty statement. This warranty lasts as long as you, the original purchaser, own your Think Tank Photo product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper care, mishandling, misuse, alteration, or accidental damage; nor does it cover the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use (i.e. zipper wear, fabric abrasion, etc.). In time, even a Think Tank Photo bag will wear out! Also, this warranty excludes all claims to any incidental or consequential loss to personal property. To learn more please visit

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