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VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab (Pack of 10)

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Suitable for the professional cleaning of all kinds of APS-C DSLR sensor CCD/CMOS (sensor width More than or 16mm)high-quality lens,UV lens and color filter.
Can also used to clean mobile phone screen,optical lens,computer screen,keyboard,glasses, etc.
Superfine microfiber based cleaning cloth sweep off invisible dust and particles.
100 class CLEANROOM vacuum package. Avoid the influence of dust during transportation and storage.
Portable to take along during outing shooting. Special material and ergonomic design, more convenient!

Clean camera immediately after using can effectively remove dust and other stains, also increase its using life.
Please check the battery power before cleaning in case low power reflector turn back to cause damage during cleaning.
During the cleaning of sensor or lens, one swab better to use only once, so that to avoid stain or dust stick on swab to cause a secondary pollution.
Please do not use sensor cleaner in low temperature in case cleaner freezing. Keep away from high temperature.
Damage occurred by not complying with operation method should undertake by user self.

  • VSGO Professional APS-C DSLR Sensor Cleaning Swabs, CLEANROOM vacuum package
  • This kit can also be used for high-grade lens ,UV lens, filter cleaning.
  • Superfine microfiber based cleaning cloth sweep off invisible dust and particles.
  • Certificate:ISO9001, CCC, SGS, RoHS,Kit Contain:10pcs APS-C sensor Cleaning swab
  • Vacuum package for the best protection of your precision instruments.
APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm X 10pcs

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