VSGO Camera Cleaning Kit – All Powerful Edition
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VSGO Camera Cleaning Kit – All Powerful Edition

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Offer comprehensive cleaning for DSLR lens,sensor, optical glasses, screen and other digital equipments.

Lens cleaner
Environmental, non-toxic, good volatility. Can easily remove stubborn stains, oil stains.(Please strictly follow your camera operation manual to operate)

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth
Special craft processing microfiber cloth which can directly contact lens, sensor and other delicate surface.Superb cleaning ability can easily remove stubborn stains, fingerprints and oil stains.No static occur during wiping. Vacuum package, clean and portable.

Sensor cleaning swab
100 class CLEANROOM produced. Superfine microfiber swab specialize for DSLR sensor cleaning.Ergonomic design, easy to operate.Individual vacuum packing prevent pollution from outside, clean,portable and easy to take along.

Sensor cleaner
Environmental, non-toxic, good volatility and excellent cleaning ability.Specialize for sensor cleaning,effectively remove stubborn stains.

Moline air blower
Environmental nature rubber material, non-toxic and odorless.Accord with RoHS standard. Flexible and excellent hand feeling, super powerful air stream that can effectively blow dusts away.

Professional lens pen
Multilaminate nanoscale active carbon powder can effectively absorb oil stain, fingerprint without hurting lens coating.High grade nylon brush head is fine and soft. Accurately sweep off dusts in the seam of camera. No damage,no static.

Anti-static gloves
Good elasticity, completely fit hands shape. Anti-slip, anti-static, flexible, suitable for precise work. Seamlessly knitted of long fiber stretch nylon. Finger part was coated by polyurethane coating. No dust generate. Excellent air permeability. comfortable and suitable for long term work.

Dustless cotton swab
Adopting special cotton and environmental rod as materials, no dusts, no fiber drop. Can deeply clean the unreachable seam, good hydroscopicityand excellent cleaning ability.

Small bag
Hold lens cleaning cloth to prevent influence of dusts.

  • All products manufactured in 100% CLEANROOM
  • Microfiber excellent cleaning ability
  • Superfine Microfiber cleaning cloth with Supper Cleaning Power
  • Easily and safely remove stubborn stains on sensor and lens for protection of coating
  • Professional cleaning for camera sensor, lens, screen and camera body. Can also clean mobile phone, iPad and other digital products

Lens cleaner 2oz x 1pc

Sensor cleaner 0.5oz x 1pc

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth 9"x9" x 1pc

APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm x 10pcs

Full frame sensor cleaning swab 24mm x 10pcs

Moline air blower x 1pc

Professional lens pen x 1pc

Anti-static gloves x 1pair

Dustless cotton swab x 1pack

Small bag(to hold cloth) x 1pcs

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