VSGO Portable Camera Cleaning Kit
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VSGO Portable Camera Cleaning Kit

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Offer convenient cleaning for digital camera, DSLR, laptop, iPad, mobile phone and other digital equipments.

Screen cleaner
Suitable to clean the screen of digital products. Can't used to clean camera lens or sensor. Gel-like, odorless, colorless, without pigment and essence. Efficiently remove stubborn stains and extend screen service life.

Lens cleaner
Environment and nontoxic, good volatility. Can safely and easily remove stubborn stains, oil stains on lens. Can't used to clean screen and sensor.

Camera cleaning cloth
Apply to clean camera lens and LCD screen. Adopting microfiber as material which is much thinner to fit optical component surface. Wedge-shaped microfiber that can safely and efficiently clean up tiny dusts, stubborn stains, fingerprints and oil stains. No static occur during wiping.

APS-C sensor cleaning swab
Swab made of special microfiber in 100 class CLEANROOM. Vacuum packed which can avoid pollution during transportation and storage. Portable to take along during shooting outdoors. Ergonomic design, convenient to clean sensor.

Portable air blower
Made of nature rubber. Flexible and powerful to blow dusts away.

Portable bag
Small and portable, very convenient to store cleaning tools.

Screen cleaner 1oz x 1pc
Lens cleaner 0.5oz x 1pc
Lens cleaning cloth 5"x5" x 5pcs
APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm x 3pcs
Portable air blower x 1pc
Portable bag x 1pc

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