Zhiyun-Tech 18650 Li-Ion Battery (Pack of 3)
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Zhiyun-Tech 18650 Li-Ion Battery (Pack of 3)

Warranty: 1 Year by FeiyuTech
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Zhiyun Crane 2 uses 3 18650Li-ion batteries. Fully charged batteries last for aprox. 18 hours, while older model Crane V2’s batteries lasted for aprox. 12 hours. Of course, the battery usage is affected by external conditions and also by the possibility of camera charging. Crane 2 gimbal can be used as a camera charger through its batteries. Of course, such usage shortens battery life. Crane V2 gimbal comes with the original Zhiyun charger and it takes aprox. 90 minutes to fully charge the batteries, which is a great result concerning the fact of 18 hours battery life.

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