Lastolite All-In-One Umbrella 80cm Silver/White

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Lastolite LL LU3237F Overview

The 33" silver/white All-In-One Umbrella from Lastolite is a versatile light-shaping tool that is four umbrellas in one! Out of the box it's a white umbrella with a silver under-layer and black blacking. This combination gives you high reflectance with a touch of crispness and contrast. Remove the silver lining for a soft white look. Remove the silver lining and the black backing to use it in "shoot-through" mode as you would a softbox. Finally, remove the white translucent fabric and replace it with the silver material for maximum reflectance, high contrast and long throw options. The All-in-One Umbrella has a standard 8mm shaft, a lightweight fiberglass frame, reinforced stitching, and it comes in a carrying bag.

Lastolite  All-In-One  Umbrella  80cm  Silver/White