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AILITE ALT-20L Dry Cabinet Dry Box

RRP: RM 239.00
RM 239.00

Eureka AD-72PG Auto Dry Box

RRP: RM 950.00
RM 950.00

Out of stock

Eureka AW-80PG Auto Dry Box

RM 1080.00

Out of stock

AIPO Digital Series AP-38EX Dry Cabinet (38L) (New...

RRP: RM 680.00
RM 495.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-102EX Dry Cabinet (102L) (N...

RRP: RM 1350.00
RM 999.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-88EX Dry Cabinet (88L) (New...

RRP: RM 1120.00
RM 799.00

Digicabi DHC-80 Dry Cabinet

RM 1400.00

AIPO Analog Series AS-25 Dry Cabinet (25L) with Di...

RRP: RM 390.00
RM 238.00

Out of stock

Electronic Moisture Absorber II Dehumidifier (Auto...

RM 59.00

Eureka DX-126 Auto Dry Box

RM 1890.00

AIPO Analog Series AS-31 Dry Cabinet (31L) with Di...

RRP: RM 460.00
RM 355.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-48EX Dry Cabinet (48L) (New...

RRP: RM 790.00
RM 579.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-68EX Dry Cabinet (68L) (New...

RRP: RM 940.00
RM 709.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-155EX Dry Cabinet (155L) (N...

RRP: RM 2250.00
RM 1579.00

AIPO Digital Series AP-132EX Dry Cabinet (132L) (N...

RRP: RM 1850.00
RM 1349.00

Eureka AD-45PG Auto Dry Box

RM 650.00


RM 780.00

Eureka DX-206 Auto Dry Box

RM 2680.00

Out of stock

Digicabi DHC-120 Dry Cabinet

RM 1800.00

Out of stock

Digicabi DHC-100 Dry Cabinet

RM 1650.00

Digicabi DHC-80ll Dry Cabinet

RM 1400.00

Digicabi DHC-60 Dry Cabinet

RM 1050.00

Digicabi AD-80N Dry Cabinet

RM 1050.00

Digicabi AD-050N Dry Cabinet

RM 750.00

Digicabi DB-036N Dry Cabinet

RM 520.00
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